With Justice Ginsberg gone, Democrats may have realized how badly they played themselves

supreme court

Investing in Wall Street and ignoring Main Street can lead to bad voter consequences — and here we are …

I mentioned that I had more to say about the transitioning of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, so I’ll start by sharing the collective Liberal freakout that the combination of her vacancy, President Donald Trump’s newfound position to change the supreme court for the next 30-40 years, and the Democratic Party’s decades of elitist coddling of the donor class at the expense of African descendants and the poor, can change American society to the delight of the fundamentalist death cult wing of the Republican Party.

Readers of this blog are not surprised by my words. This piece — not intended to be an I-told-you-so reflection — will bring back plenty of posts I’ve shared about elections.

I’ve consistently talked about the Democratic Party’s struggle with salvation without redemption (also see this, this, this, and this. Also, this is interesting), after they’ve repeatedly ignored the needs of poverty- and working-class Americans while constructing a shallow Boogieman of a value proposition that went barely deeper than “vote for us because the Republican Party is worse.”

That Liberal proposition became threadbare long ago, and the Democratic Party’s fate was sealed after its anemic response to the wealth and employment problems caused by the Great Recession. The Democrats had control over both houses of Congress back then, but only managed to push through an inadequate stimulus package that ironically helped to brand and grow the gig economy.

Let me get more specific. I’ve repeatedly pointed out that 94 percent of the jobs created during the Obama years were low-paying, part-time, or temporary jobs. This finding came from one of Obama’s own economic advisers.

Think about the person who went from an office clerk position to driving an Uber or delivering groceries, and then ask yourself how many good things that person had to say about the economy just before the 2016 election.

And before you start calling out the GOP’s obstruction from a minority position in Congress during the Obama years, consider the party’s majority and power wielded in Congress during the past eight years where although bill production was relatively smaller, they dominated the legislative agenda, regardless of any resistance cobbled together by Democrats.

Back to that tired-azz proposition — Its ineffectiveness showed in more recent voting stats. There were over 200 counties that voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 that voted for Trump in 2016. Voter turnout among African Americans in 2016 was the group’s first drop in voter participation in two decades. 

There’s more to add about Obama’s dwindling effect on Black voters, but that’s an overdue story for another time.

But it’s important to note right now that even Obama’s influence as the most liked Democrat in 2016 was not enough to mobilize voters for Hillary Clinton — a Presidential candidate who her campaign handlers KNEW in 2015 had a likability problem. They ran her anyway.

If more so-called Democratic voters of any race showed up to vote in the midterm elections — yeah, I wrote about that too — Trump wouldn’t be currently looking at the option changing the judicial landscape for years to come.

But I won’t blame voters. I blame the Democratic Party.

Like I mentioned right after the Trump victory, you can, as a candidate, create dozens of excuses — that includes blaming shiftless citizens who stayed home on Election Day — for your defeat, but your problems started when you couldn’t activate your supporters to hit the voting machines.

And you can only do that by presenting your supporters with compelling reasons to vote, along with reasons for them to believe in your promises.

The Democratic party has been challenged to create a compelling case, nor did they pay attention to the signals that the economy is broken.

Occupy Wall Street was a symptom of a broken economy and some Liberals dismissed the movement as bored White kids.

Senator Bernie Sanders’ two popular Presidential runs were similar symptoms and we have someone on CNN placing the Senator’s name in the same company as coronavirus. Democrats even distorted the term #BernieBro to attack him and his followers. And I won’t soon forget this.

CNN Michael A. Smerconish asked "can either coronavirus or bernie sanders be stopped?"

Donald Trump is a symptom — albeit from the crazed end of the political spectrum. I predicted in 2015 that Trump could win the Republican nomination. I also provided reasons for why you shouldn’t laugh at the idea.

Fast-forward to this moment, where Trump and his cult can finish their coochie invasion and then find more freedoms to bitch-stomp.

This comes after Democrats treated people of color and the poor as afterthoughts that would revisit the party in self-fulfilling prophecies.

Let this be a lesson for 2020: ironically, even a lack of investments shows returns …

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