Here’s another interesting Wikileaks email that surfaced: Vice Presidential choices for Hillary Clinton — including eight Black people!

This past March, John podesta emailed a list of running mate options to Clinton “Organized by food group,” Podesta explained. He never provided names to these groupings so I took a crack at labeling:

Catalyzing Latinos

Javier Becerra
Julian Castro
Eric Garcetti
Tom Perez
Ken Salazar

Prominent Women

Tammy Baldwin
Kirsten Gillibrand
Amy Klobuchar
Claire McKaskill
Jeanne Shaheen
Debbie Stabenow
Elizabeth Warren

Boring-Azz White Guys

Michael Bennet
Sherrod Brown
Martin Heinreich
Tim Kaine
Terry McAuliffe
Chris Murphy
Tom Vilsack

Safe-Azz Black Guys

Steve Benjamin
Corey Booker
Andrew Gillum
Eric Holder
Deval Patrick
Kasim Reed
Anthony Foxx

Star Generals

John Allen
Bill McCraven
Mike Mullen

Corporatists & Ballin’ Non-Profit Chiefs

Mary Barra
Michael Bloomberg
Ursula Burns
Tim Cook
Bill Gates
Melinda Gates
Muhtar Kent
Judith Rodin
Howard Schultz

For Jokes, But Just in Case …

Bernie Sanders

Ursula Burns, an African descendant, was grouped with the Corporatists, et al. I’m reminded of an interesting Wikileaks-disclosed exchange she had with Clinton in March 2014 — using financial market terms — to figure out if the former was down with marijuana legalization (there’s plenty of money to be made from that kind of intel, you know …):

URSULA BURNS: So long means thumbs up, short means thumbs down; or long means I support, short means I don’t. I’m going to start with — I’m going to give you about ten long-shorts.
SECRETARY CLINTON: Even if you could make money on a short, you can’t answer short.
URSULA BURNS: You can answer short, but you got to be careful about letting anybody else know that. They will bet against you. So legalization of pot?
SECRETARY CLINTON: Short in all senses of the word.

(Laughing) I didn’t take Kasim Reed’s VP chances seriously since he’s still at work gentrifying the entire city of Atlanta(!) Soon, there won’t be a single Black person living north of College Park.

But forget about my opinions — what are YOUR thoughts about the VP list?

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NatWest Bank, UK, RT

What the hell has happened to Western democracy over the past few days??

First, some mysterious entity motivated the Ecuadorian Embassy to cut off the internet access of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange — presumably under pressure to protect Hillary Clinton’s fragile Presidential candidacy — by disrupting the flow of embarrassing email leaks concerning her team.

And today, we’re seeing reports that another mysterious actor motivated NatWest Bank — a financial institution with the British government as a majority owner — to terminate banking services provided to Russia-based media group RT. The bank has since waffled on its decision.

With no pressure in any direction placed on NatWest, right?

Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has an opinion or two about that:

RT, along with the Russian government, have been highly critical of the US — particularly with regard to America’s behavior in the Syria civil war and the battle for Aleppo.

In case you missed it the news, the British government has aligned with the United States in demonizing Russia and Its current behavior in Syria. Tensions have become strained to the point where the British Royal Air Force pilots operating in Syria have been given instructions to shoot down Russian aircraft if the pilots feel threatened.

<sarcasm>It’s strange how the prelude to war is filled with such synchronicity!</sarcasm>

These events remind me to write an Aleppo piece soon. It’s time to pull together these pre-war artifacts …
By the way, the Internet shutoff hasn’t stopped Wikileaks from leaking:

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Hillary Clinton latest Wikileaks

Peeps, I understand where you’re coming from. Like you, I cringe at the thought of Donald Trump becoming the next US President.

I’m also not a fan of electing Hillary Clinton because I can envision a fresh round of war-ravaged bodies spread across several countries during the next four years.

I still intend to vote — with no public endorsements — but will continue to highlight the problems I see with each candidate. My focus tonight is Clinton and her email drama, brought to you in part by Wikileaks, that appears too large to be called “leaks” anymore.

Hillary-n-’em tried to ignore Wikileaks putting the Presidential candidate’s dirty business on the street until the email contents became too damning for the campaign team to feign cluelessness.

The Clinton crew then wrote off Wikileaks’ head Julian Assange as a sex offender until that media ploy no longer worked.

The next trick — “We were hacked by the Russians!” — was then proceeded by telling an assembled group of reporters what news outside these emails should be covered.

(Laughing) And now, someone has cut off Assange’s Internet access — surely not an attempt to silence his electronic voice!

So, what is there to learn from these emails?

For starters, Clinton is fully aware that Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been funding Islamic State (ISIL or ISIS) terror operations.

A well-known political writer expressed concern to Clinton insider John Podesta about how Clinton frequently says things while on the campaign trail that aren’t true.

A campaign speechwriter deliberately peppered a Clinton speech to Deutsche Bank with anti-Wall Street rhetoric as a way to defend against future claims that she’s a bank booster.

During a speech, Clinton supported a trade framework that looks just like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a proposed trade deal she claims to hate.

Huma Abedin, one of Clinton’s closest advisors, discussed a campaign strategy of taking no press questions until Labor Day. Abedin made the suggestion in May of this year. The reason: because Clinton keeps “Stepping on her own message” in public. Podesta pushed back and called the idea “Suicidal.” This may explain why Clinton was stingy with pressers.

Podesta’s January acknowledgement that Clinton’s messaging is out of touch with the lives of everyday Americans.

As Secretary of State in 2011, Clinton pushed to carry out a regime change operation in Syria after receiving this email from personal advisor Sydney Blumenthal. The gist: overthrow Syrian government by first overthrowing Gaddafi in Libya.

And of course there are the email disclosures that point to how the Clinton State Department and the Clinton Foundation act as the same entity. And those Wall Street speech excerpts.

More email releases are coming, according to Wikileaks. I expect the next round of leaks to be blockbusters, given where we are in the election cycle and the sudden Internet outage …

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election day violence, donald trump

I said to myself “There will be guns” ever since I heard presidential candidate Donald Trump tell his supporters that Pro Hillary Clinton election officials may rig the voting to keep him away from his Big Chair dreams — and then admonished angry hordes nationwide to physically watch the polling places and remain vigilant for ballot tampering.

Trump even has a web page where you can sign-up to patrol a voting site and defend against “Crooked Hillary.”
Trump poll watcher

My conclusion isn’t unreasonable. The same same culturally pessimistic fanatics — more or less — responded to the health care reform debate in 2009 by taking their guns to the streets.

Healthcare, y’all. Guns. Yes, I know …

Therefore, don’t you think the same people will view the fate of the nation being decided on November 8 for the next four years or longer as an arms-bearing event?

Hell, I expect to see even more guns.

Trump’s droning of a “rigged election” theme since this summer has paid dividends this fall in the form of his followers threatening to become violent.

And we now have foreshadowing of what could be a very long day next month — a Virginia CBS News affiliate reports that an armed Trump supporter lingered in front of a Democratic congressional candidate’s campaign office in Fluvanna County.

Just chillin’ on the sidewalk, of course. With an assault rifle. And staring into the office window. For almost 12 hours.

But merely saying “Trump supporters will have guns” skims the surgace of the problem.

Whatever you wish to call the Fluvanna incident, you must remember that the sidewalk gun show — and the additional assault weapon displays you’ll likely see in the coming weeks — are the output of bipartisan neoliberal policies that have suppressed household incomes, destroyed the middle class and siphoned jobs from America during the past four decades.

Trump isn’t the genesis of this anger, but he’s masterfully coupled the real pain many of these Americans are experiencing with their inner fears and deep-rooted hatred while identifying racial and social groups as the objects for blame.

You know, much like what Adolf Hitler did back in the day.

This cult of misdirected odium isn’t going away after election day and regardless of what the mainstream media tells you, the problem will remain regardless of the political party in control.

In fact, I expect matters to rise above the simmering point — and soon.

Perhaps I’ll discuss the solutions — one extremely obvious and the other not as much — tomorrow, but the message for the moment is to expect guns this fall …

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Clinton Trump debate Sunday night


Substance, please.

Amazing how both candidates have been able to get so far through this campaign and not have a meaningful discussion about what they would actually do once in office. I’m beginning to think Clinton and Trump either have no real policies, or have policies that would make us shrink in horror after we look under the hood.

Don’t make this personal.

Not productive. Won’t win many more votes that way. However, it seems Trump has made it quite clear that he’s turning up the personal attacks to 11.


Brand Trump as the non-inclusive candidate

Jump into specific policies and viewpoints which show how working class white families cannot trust Trump to make them prosper. Voters of color, especially Black folks, are already wired to vote for Clinton. She needs to work on the white ones.

Pry the remaining women supporters from Trump’s grip

The “Grab them by the puss” tape will help without her even mentioning it.

Let Trump talk.

He’s bound to trip over his tongue at some point, so let him do it.


Bust Clinton with her TPP lie — but be quick about it.

Clinton insisted that she’s against TPP. Use this email from Wikileaks and call herb B.S. People don’t seem to trust her so additional evidence to support the “Crooked Hillary” narrative can only harm her some more. Explaining TPP can be complicated and Trump will only have a few seconds to make his point.

Use same TPP play, but use the Wall Street bank version.

Stick with what’s worked before.

“Hillary’s been in Washington for 25 years, and hasn’t been able to fix it.” Trump had plenty of success with that line; he should use it tonight. Bring up Clinton’s time at the state department when Libya failed as a country and Syria descended into chaos.

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Trump hates women

It’s disappointing to find that the remaining 29 days before the Presidential elections — despite the known data about Donald Trump having so many “ists” capping his description that it’s more efficient to call him a hateful pig who can only see the world through a White male’s lens, and Hillary Clinton’s role as the warrior queen who may represent America’s last hope to risk a war or two as a way to sustain its empire reach — will turn into a Trump porno tape hunt.

No offense to Annette Henry, of course.

Hillary Clinton nuclear war

Anyone whose brain allows them to synthesize oxygen knows that Trump has always been a hateful pig with a White man’s lens.

The now famous “hot mic” tape changes nothing for me. “Misogynist” has always been on my list of “ists” to describe Trump.

That’s why I think anyone hit with a new wave of shock about the latest Trump news — That includes Senator Paul Ryan  — is either some kind of walking bacteria or full of crap.

Anger? Hell yeah. Shock? C’mon …

What I consider shocking is how Warrior Queen, even with the tailwind she received from the new wave of anti-“Grab them by the puss” rage, leads Pig by only five percentage points in national polls.

real clear politics clinton trump poll

On the other hand, I’m not so surprised. I think Americans are beginning to understand what an oligarch’s hired gun looks like.

In just one email out of the 2,000 that Wikileaks recently published from a hack against Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, we have evidence that the first female Democratic nominee for US President is a Wall Street bank booster, believes in hiding her private policy positions from the public, admits to being removed from the lives of poor and middle class folks and supports a cross-border trade framework that looks a helluva lot like the Trans-Pacific Partnership — a trade deal, mind you, whose passage she insists being opposed to.

Tonight’s Presidential debate should be fun … !

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colson whitehead underground railroad novel national book award new york slavery

I expect Colson Whitehead’s National Book Award-nominated novel, The Underground Railroad, to win plenty of kudos for its ability to convey a layered story of metaphoric Afro-mysticism surrounding Black slaves, particularly a young woman named Cora, who are pursuing freedom from the antebellum South. Abolitionists, pro-slavery supporters and the ideological permutations in-between help to frame an argument which lives today: “What does freedom (social justice) look like?”

Sure, other writers have used literary devices to illustrate the Underground Railroad as a actual mode of mass transportation, but not many of them are kicking as much azz as Whitehead is doing at the moment.

Plus, the azz-kicking is seamless. He wrote about a real railroad during the mid-1800s that runs under Southern lands, physically transporting slaves yearning to be free — plus he adds skyscrapers(!) — and I was never once prompted to question the 300-page book’s premise. Down South, we would call that trick talking the fur off a pig’s knuckle…

Underground Railroad  is also a testimonial, as well as an advocation for social justice — laden with imagery that draws out the similarities of America’s past and present racial struggles, while attaching achingly familiar justifications for oppression.

I pulled together a few parts from the book which should blow your literary mind.

1. Colson Whitehead makes a casual, drive-by sentence about oligarchs, slavery, class and race — and wrecked our brains.

Look at how the book treats slave-catcher Ridgeway, one of the story’s villains, and his father, an overworked blacksmith whose business exponentially expanded due to the growth of the cotton industry and subsequently the South — all of which were driven by the success of a certain oligarch’s cotton gin:

Eli Whitney had run his father into the ground, the old man coughing soot on his deathbed, and kept Ridgeway on the hunt.

Boom. Oligarchs clocking dollars are at slavery’s core, with the father and son serving as dispensable implements of the greater, diabolical whole. Some writers require a book to define that relationship, while others need a page. Whitehead handled the topic with an arguably equivalent impact by dropping just one sentence and keeping it moving — as if he had more important points to make.

On the way slaves figure into the bond between father, son and corporation:

When his father finished his workday, the fruit of his labor lay before him: a musket, a rake, a wagon spring. Ridgeway faced the man or woman he had captured. One made tools, the other retrieved them.

2. Slave mentality is on full display.

Reading this passage in The Underground Railroad reminds me of a knife fight at the New York Auto show, where two young men had a disagreement over taking photos of a BMW:

White men squabble before judges over claims to this or that tract hundreds of miles away that had been carved up on a map. Slaves fought with equal fervor over their tiny parcels at their feet.

The slaves’ disputed land was three square-yards. When you have nothing, you’ll fight over anything  …  except for your freedom. Homer, a black boy whose freedom was purchased by Ridgeway, works as an assistant slave catcher of sorts with an unusual sleep ritual:

“If he’s free, why don’t he go?”

“Where?” Ridgway asked. “He’s seen enough to know a black boy has no future, free papers or no. Not in this country.”

Each night, with meticulous care, Homer opened his satchel and removed a set of manacles. He locked himself to the driver’s seat, put the key in his pocket, and closed eyes.

Ridgeway caught Cora looking. “He says it’s the only way he can sleep.”

Homer snored like a rich old man every night.

3. Whiteslpaining slavery, genocide, colonialism and pretty much anything else that looks like oppression.

“My father liked his Indian talk about the Great Spirit,” Ridgeway said. “All these years, I prefer the American Spirit, the one that called us from the Old World to the New to conquer and build and civilize. And destroy that what needs to be destroyed. To lift up the lesser races. If not lift up, subjugate. And if not subjugate, exterminate. Our destiny by Divine prescription — the American imperative.”

“I need to visit the outhouse,” Cara said.


4. Or is Gulliver’s Travels a better explanation?

Cesar, another slave running for freedom who learned how to read before being cast into chains, looked to a literary classic to understand his current plight:

The white man in the book, Gulliver, roved from peril to peril, each new Island a new predicament to solve before he could return home. That was the man’s real trouble, not the savage and uncanny civilizations he encountered — he kept forgetting what he had. That was white people all over: Build a schoolhouse and let it rot, make a home and then keep straying. If Caesar figured the route home, he’d never travel again.

5. One of many ways the book served up the Underground Railroad as a metaphor.

Cora jumped on Ridgeway’s back and strangled him with her chains, twisting them tight against his flesh. Her scream came from deep inside her, a train whistle echoing in a tunnel.

6. What is freedom? Well, many things. I guess. (Including the Freedom Trail.)

Whitehead makes America’s racist history scream off the pages of his novel when he condensed real-life racial incidents from different times and places, and then positioned these events as freedom options to slaves. Eugenics, the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, fake white progressivism and ethnic cleansing are among the choices. I won’t give away the story, but the Freedom Trail is one of the book’s most powerful devices.

7. The book’s ending.

Let’s just say the book closes in a way that will make you think of the present.

I believe Colson Whitehead has released an American classic to the world …

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Black woman tashala dangel geyer paints herself white

Source: YouTube.

Video presented below without comment — except that Facebook took down the original video before a user brought it back.

Crazy love to my Sis Maya P. for putting this on my radar …

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shaq-fu black lives matter

shaq-fu koon took his mushmouf flow to hit the very same willie kitsune horn that wished jiyū to the embassy prisoner who we know is all breezy among the fading pallid male nigra haters club these days as long as dem leaks can drain the hnic sucking the chicken bone marrow outta black planet visions a trick we should know by now to be james bonding as the one of longest azz hidden fundraisers for suitin-azz liars redirect those forklifts gentlemen and get some mo coal for dem chevy pickups y’know how they love to run and hate on dat ish so shaq-fu koon is called out of retirement to play the role he’s familiar with since those young fool days stand yo duteous azz under the net pick up the ball and suramu dat mugh while we keepers find new ways to turn that trick into roe besides what he know about grown folk bidness any damn way or remix the 16-bit console version where like then and now we kept asking what the jigoku where does he fit in and what’s this all about with no answers provided as we watch him mawashigeri ol skool sistas poppin magic spells outta poom poom outfits muted african drums tryna keep a beat no wonder shaq-fu koon still can’t find one for his constipated flow which could explain why he then hirateuchi the sugar honey sun state iced tea out of communities wit dat virgin bodega champagne still leaving us with the same three damn questions betcha he can’t even spell capers if they started hollering letters at him twerkin on mass produced bottle labels and while we on dat block some a y’all remember how shaq-fu koon got earth wind and fire’s instruction manual twisted and pointed at GOD with his shiri when asking no telling or was it imploring mamba to scale taste and tell well damn shaq-fu can you match a wine with that meal for us amateurs u know we don’t know how to act but c’mon shaq-fu oh wait let’s call you mr koon for the remainder of this segment make yo azz feel like somebody before the director says action remember you representin us we don’t want them to say y’all don’t know how to act so do dat under the basket dance again and tell the ungrateful kneeled the real dope bout dat quarterBUCK who don’t know his damn place don’t he know we rid that place of chocklats at least 50 years ago minnie’s left fillmore out reppin the 7 seas leaving behind putanesca for nerd hoes swimming in cappuccino masturbations couldn’t even keep a bs awning around for tsumi purposes but u here to spit on the kitsune bout caper and these other nigras to which you say iwouldneerdothat in a stream of colliding syllables bringing a new definition to fightin words mixing bang bang and five o but we’ll give you that we do the same thing these days you know we were like hol up when you went cantshowussomethingandthenshowussomethingelsebecauseofcertainissues hidin dat nōto ya tried burying under yo mata we assume both have the same owner yo who the hell even told you about how that stuff you put in martinis has a slow alarm clock as if there’s sumpn wrong with wakin up at all shoulda helped out sears broke azz and bought one yo damn self but we already know your response idontrunoncoloredpeoplestime.

[Note: It’s not my style to interpret pieces I write, but I felt a little bit of guidance is needed, given the times we live in. The poem was inspired by Fred Moten and a recent interview Shaquille O’Neal gave on national television. I respectfully used a writing style Moten used for his book The Feel Trio and removed letter case distinctions, punctuation marks and line breaks, leaving you with the freedom to channel your inner artist and improvise the piece’s delivery amidst a sea of abstractions and imagery. I’ll leave the rest for you to configure … ]

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book clifford's blues by john a. williams

I just completed my second reading of John A. Williams’ novel Clifford’s Blues — a well-written but far from feel-good story of a black, gay jazz musician imprisoned in Nazi Germany

The book frequently mentions the gruesome medical experiments performed on prisoners by Nazi physicians — which made me think of the 1932–1972 Tuskegee, Alabama syphilis study where over 400 African descendants with the disease were denied treatment by US government physicians in favor of observing syphilis’ long-term effect on humans. Clifford’s Blues also refers to the infamous American study.

In real life, 23 Nazi doctors were placed on trial in Nuremberg for crimes against humanity. 16 of them were convicted.

Conversely, there were no criminal trials for the Tuskegee experiment, but President Bill Clinton formally apologized for the government-sponsored study in 1997. Only seven of the test subjects at the time were known to be alive to hear the apology.

Here’s my Sunday Smack:

Should there have been a Nuremberg-style trial for the planners and implementors of the Tuskegee syphilis study?

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