Unpacking Trumpland: The Unmentioned Way Hillary Clinton Played Herself

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After losing the Presidential election, Hillary Clinton and her merry band of campaign planners have blamed nearly EVERYONE for why she missed her November coronation.

They blamed Huma Abedin, one of Clinton’s insiders.

They blamed so-called “fake news.”

The F.B.I.

Self-Hating White chicks.

Angry-Azz White dudes.



Think about that for a moment — what if you gave your boss seven different reasons for why you came in late for work, or why your project failed. You would be in the same position as Clinton: nose against the window of the job you don’t have, taking in nasal vapors. And beefin’.

I’ll once again present my post that covers how leaders who fail to activate their core supporters ultimately fail in their endeavors, but I also want to mention two important Wikileaks emails — one concerning Clinton’s identified vulnerabilities and the other which identifies a “Pied Piper” strategy — that explain the roots of Team Clinton’s failure.

Not surprisingly, the two emails didn’t get enough mainstream media love. (Laughing) Blame it on “fake news … “

The first email is dated February 23, 2015, where Clinton’s campaign advisers reviewed a vulnerability study to identify their candidate’s weaknesses. Clinton campaign chair John Podesta was kind back then when he added “Obama’s tried big government solutions for 6+ years and they haven’t worked. Now she promises more of the same. We need a change in direction … ”

But others added to Clinton’s vulnerabilities as well — and lit her backside in the process.

I broke the advisers’ feedback into sections like Way out there:

Out of Touch. Should we add that HRC hasn’t driven a car in thirty-five (?) years?

Wall Street:

When HRC recently spoke to bankers at Goldman Sachs, instead of holding them accountable for their activities that crashed the economy, she told them that banker bashing was foolish and had to stop.

Clinton doing nothing:

Clinton flew all over the world, but she can’t name a single major accomplishment she made as Secretary of State.

In other words, Clinton’s insiders had a clear idea that their candidate is too far removed from regular human beings to connect with voters.

Clinton’s vulnerabilities make the second email — dated April 7, 2015 — extremely important. Team Clinton sought to marginalize the large field of Republican presidential hopefuls by positioning the more extreme GOP candidates as “‘Pied Piper’ candidates who actually represent the mainstream of the Republican Party.”

Clinton’s campaign identified three extreme candidates in this email for extreme isolation: Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

In Team Clinton’s own words:

“We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to them seriously.”

(Laughing) After all, who can’t beat a right-wing extremist??

The email mentioned that most of the ideas outlined in the strategy memo represented “work the [Democratic National Committee] is already doing.”

This may partially explain the $2 billion of press coverage Trump received during the early days of his campaign when compared to the small amount of media attention paid to moderate Republicans like John Kasich or a street-level popular Democrat like Bernie Sanders.

Like an outmatched but overconfident point guard, Team Clinton called for an isolation play and got the “extremist” matchup it really wanted — only to get the ball stolen. 270 points for Trump and game.

The extra press attention only made Trump more of a Rock Star, and even made him look more like a warrior of truth under attack when the media became more aggressive with him. Therefore, his Rock Star quotient simply grew more.

Meanwhile, Clinton wants to blame seven other things or people for why she lost — while exposing more of her out-of-touch arrogance.

If Clinton hasn’t yet blamed you, give her time …

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