Donna Brazile’s Failed Attempt at Salvation

Donna Brazile speech

In a related but trending story that dovetails to my insistence that the Democratic Party seeks redemption without salvation, disgraced former CNN analyst and DNC interim head Donna Brazile admits to leaking primary debate questions to partner-in-shadiness Hillary Clinton and calls the act “a mistake I will forever regret.”

(Laughing) But not so fast, Madame Brazile.

She must’ve written the Time piece of her admission while listening to that Jackson 5 “forever come today” song.

Contrary to what you may read in social media headlines, Brazile admitted to “circulating things” back in November when she first tore her backside on the Wikileaks fence that busted her for the debate leak in the first place!

And if Brazil didn’t circulate things, she was — in her own words – “submitting things.”

So, what’s the difference between then and now?

Using Brazile’s November words again:

“My conscience, as an activist, as a strategist, my conscience is very clear.”

Her “conscience is very clear.”

Doesn’t sound like the words of a person seeking salvation.

I see that we need to go over the prerequisites to redemption again, but at a more fundamental level than salvation.

Salvation requires confessing to sins without blaming The Devil for helping you get busted.

But let’s go back even further — there’s still no evidence that the Russians hacked the truth out of the DNC’s emails.

I mean, we know the truth about the DNC’s electoral antics have been exposed to the world — we just don’t know who’s responsible for hacking it.

Nope. No proof. Blaming a party’s implosion on a Russian news agency that executed a winning social media strategy — particularly in the absence of facts that point a specific actor responsible for the hacking — is not evidence.

Besides, what makes everyone so sure that the Party of No Guts’ emails weren’t leaked, as opposed to hacked?

Nonetheless, Brazile can’t even confess with all her soul:

By stealing all the DNC’s emails and then selectively releasing those few, the Russians made it look like I was in the tank for Secretary Clinton.

Uh, yeah. The definition of being “in the tank” is when you supply debate questions to candidate Hillary Clinton in advance and give bupkis to Clinton’s Democratic primary opponent, Bernie Sanders — effectively giving Clinton an advantage.

And how can someone regret an act they committed, and then say the act they regret committing was taken out of context to look bad by the people who initially exposed it?

My guess is that after the Democratic establishment beat down yet another left-wing resurrection that wanted the party to focus on annoying things like mitigating the influence of Wall Street and growing the economy but not at the expense of working families, insiders like Brazile have to offer something that looks like an olive branch.

Except this olive branch arrived in the form of a magazine op-ed story that spends more time demonizing THE RUSSIANS than admitting to sin.

I’ve said a few posts ago that redemption requires salvation, and salvation requires hard work.

Brazile’s not yet ready to roll up her sleaves.

The full quote from November and SoundCloud audio clip are embedded below this post …

song currently stuck in my head: “trinidad” – willie bobo

Donna Brazile’s November 2016 statement on Joe Madison’s XM/Sirius radio show about leaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign

“My conscience, as an activist, as a strategist — my conscience is very clear. When I said what I said, I said it and I’m not going back on it. But I also understand that throughout the primary season, whether it was 2008, 2004 and two thousand — whatever, 2016, I was in touch with everybody. Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, who I’ve known for over 30 years, Hillary Clinton, who I’ve known … You’re doggone right I’m gonna talk to everybody. Joe, I will never go out on TV or come on radio without the facts. I will ask, I will submit things, I will circulate things and guess what? I also enjoy the exchange that I have with my colleagues — they work for everybody. My friends are deeply embedded in all of the campaigns. And guess what? Here comes a real shocker. I also talk to Republicans. Before I go to their events, I talk to them. What are the topics, what are we going to be talking about, sometimes I don’t even know the issues myself and I have to ask. I have to call around. So I talked to everybody. And people will tell you that. People are outraged now because we’re in this period of time that everybody has selective outrage. One last thing, had the Republican National Committee been hacked, had the Republican party’s emails and other systems been altered and hacked, the country would be in selective outrage if they found out that this was from a foreign source. Right now, they’re just basically sending around these emails like they’re gossip and not understanding the impact that a foreign country is trying to undermine our democracy by stealing the playbook of one political party.”

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