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Trump, Russia and MLK’s Assassination — I don’t see it

I perfectly understand that we’ll see more online Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. references as we move closer to the 50th anniversary of his assassination, but folks should stop recklessly making parallels where none should exist. Consortium News and writer … Continue reading

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Trump’s mental state, Bernie Sanders and the souls of Black folks

Here’s a statistic from last week’s Quinnipiac poll (pdf here) about President Donald Trump’s mental stability that didn’t make the mainstream media landing pages: 70 percent of surveyed African American voters have a favorable opinion of 2016 presidential candidate and … Continue reading

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While Mueller has the keys, he can make a drive-by investigation of Team Trump and that Malaysian fund scandal

In addition to playing the role of World War III’s firestarter in his idiotically dangerous take on creating peace in the Middle East, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has been on my radar for an additional reason: his name … Continue reading

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Niger Blues, Another Trump Head Fake

The Quarterback in Chief has done it again. Unanswered questions about the ambush in Niger that resulted in the deaths of four US Special Forces soldiers once again make debates about whether or not President Donald Trump suffers from congenital … Continue reading

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Sunday Smack: Rex Tillerson and His Trump Comment

“The President speaks for himself, Chris.” This week’s Sunday Smack focuses on US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s remark today on Fox News about how President Donald Trump “speaks for himself” when sharing views of the recent racial violence in … Continue reading

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Shifting Standards — 7 Ways

…. That tennis legend John McEnroe took time during his retirement to inexplicably mitigate Serena Williams’ standing as the top-rated women’s tennis player in the world — and possibly the best in history — by creating a new standard: comparing her to … Continue reading

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Let’s Revisit Robots and Minimum Wage Fast Food Workers

I’m not a fan of convenience stores. But I get the case for why so many of us visit them — familiar structures located within the familiarity of our neighborhood’s borders, and merchandised with a limited set of familiar choices … Continue reading

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“Liar” Trump and Selective Investigations

Now that we’re past the sensationalist social media opinions — which are not-so-curiously distributed by partisan leanings — can we discuss former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate testimony about his professional life under President Donald Trump? Well, before Trump fired … Continue reading

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Perhaps James Comey’s Statement Shows How “The Donald” (Corleone) Earned His Name

Did you read Former FBI Director James Comey’s opening statement for tomorrow’s Senate hearing? Who needs a script writer for the inevitable President Trump: The Movie when you have Comey? This part:   A few moments later, the President said, … Continue reading

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Trump’s Yuge European Failure Part 2: The Paris Climate Agreement Chapter

Now that we’ve covered the pitfalls of putting your trust in deal chasers to craft America’s military strategy and NATO relationship, what do you say about tackling climate change and the inner workings of President Trump’s brain? Let’s first deal with what … Continue reading

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