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Physics, elections, and the President’s brain

File under “Smoke from the dome” Trump is experiencing an unprecedented perfect storm of conflicting vectors. Vector 1. Trump’s need to be reelected. Vector 2. Trump’s need to have the economy help him ride Vector 1. Vector 3. The increasingly … Continue reading

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For the record: why I quickly called ‘B***s**t’ on Trump’s ‘increased testing, more coronavirus cases’ story

Trump’s lies during the pandemic point to a cruel endgame As fears rise about the recent spike in coronavirus cases and US health officials believe time is running out to get this disease under control, I think it’s time to … Continue reading

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Bolton writes a book that reconfirms how much of a dim-sparked a-hole President Trump is — so what?

People want to read (or hear) musings of an official who’s made war his crystal meth — because of his ex-boss I won’t spend much time writing about Former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton’s book, The Room Where it … Continue reading

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Of course, there will be another coronavirus stimulus in the US …

But we ARE living in 2020 … With 40 million Americans out of work while the coronavirus pandemic has scared most other Americans out of resuming life as usual, should there even be a question about President Donald Trump passing another … Continue reading

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Carry this thought with the George Floyd justice protests: income inequality is the highest in a half-century

The numbers suggest people demand change — regardless of what the stock market says. People need to connect relevant reasons to protest with their personal lives so they can hit the streets with conviction. In many cases, these reasons combine … Continue reading

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Trump said tonight that Americans live in a White junta-led theocracy — he must be really desperate

Whether or not this is news to you, welcome to the new (old) country. BTW — his concern for George Floyd’s  death, police brutality, and racial equity seems so … distant … Just before 7 pm tonight — and after … Continue reading

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Memorial day thought: what does American society come back from — or come back to — after coronavirus?

Here’s what “We’re in the same boat” means during a pandemic right now. Answer this: if someone has been aporophobic or racist — be it blatant, passive, willfully ignorant or plain hateful — for much of their lives, how is … Continue reading

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Senate hearing with Mnuchin and Powell is happening now — and you can see the most obvious B.S. about reopening the US economy

Right now, US Fed Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin are remotely testifying to the Senate Banking Committee about stimulus spending and the economy during the coronavirus pandemic. Mnuchin’s view is similar to that of his boss, … Continue reading

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Three last words about the Obama pandemic playbook debate: it doesn’t matter.

A reliable source of quarantine-era annoyance arrived in the form of President Donald Trump and his team, who straddled weeks of mounting news about American deaths resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, sluggishly following through with additional public health protection measures … Continue reading

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Coronavirus and racism — we keep chasing the hammer that struck us, but never the hand behind it

How can Black, Brown and poor people live long lives in communities not designed for people to live long? I saw this “fight COVID-19 now” vs. “Medicare for all” video on Roland Martin’s Twitter feed (be sure to watch the … Continue reading

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