The Republican Party has become a fake-Christian death cult

President Donald Trump greets supporters while one supporter holds a sign that says "Thank you Lord Jesus for President Trump."

and Donald Trump is its current leader.

Government policies enable citizens to either live better, or die sooner — a reality that is hidden by the mist of feverish political debates on television and social media.

Your response to this reality shows the world what your moral wiring looks like.

Poverty in America means people of lesser means die sooner. Any chart of wealth and premature mortality rates will tell you that. Plus, the racial and class disparities in premature death are driven less by personal failures, and more by decades of bad public policy.

In other words, White supremacy or classism.

The Republican Party — also known to me as the Party of No Brains or the Party of Death — has developed a weird love affair with policies that mean more people will die sooner.

And this craziness is supported by party followers.

I find the Republican party’s fascination with death equally astounding and disturbing, when considering the GOP’s 2016 platform mentions “God” at least 17 times and makes eight references to Christianity, with a specific note of America’s “Judeo-Christian heritage”.

They can’t serve a Christian God, do the devil’s death work, but declare themselves whole Christians.

Therefore, the GOP — given its turn to extremism while mitigating the more reasonable voices of 1990s-type Conservatives — has become a fake-Christian death cult.

They are descendants of the slave-holding Confederacy, a century before switching their party allegiance from Democrat to Republican. Champions of the terrorism campaign y’all call “Reconstruction”. Founders of the Ku Klux Klan. Deacons of the Jim Crow South. Faithful poll taxers. Devout lynchers. Parishioners of President Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy. Worshipers of the KKK’s resurgence during the 1970s. Firebombers of Black churches. Cantors of “All Lives Matter”.

Hell, they still burn crosses.

The rank-and-file cult members are convinced that their way of life — one that smugly marinates in centuries of superiority and victory through marginalization — is at risk of perishing at the hands of changing demographics and emerging attitudes toward equity, but their God delivered Donald Trump to them to serve as President and blessed protector.

Their history of lovemaking to death threats and acts of death — while claiming to love God all at once — is long and verified.

Remember “Let him die”?

The current stalemate in the so-called coronavirus “stimulus package” negotiations — legislation I still expect to see passed due to eventual pressures from the general public and financial markets — corroborates the cult leaders’ pro-death worship. Financially-stressed families are now only a few missed enhanced unemployment relief checks away from home eviction, deeper food insecurity, and healthcare insurance disenrollment. 

During a pandemic and recession.

Therefore, more vulnerable people will die sooner.

And the GOP offers no alternative to living better lives since they want to push adults out of their homes and into low-paying jobs that require workers to spend extended time periods outdoors, while the coronavirus shows few signs of retweet. Many of the workers are awarded the title of being “essential” to the economy without receiving the essential tools for surviving high-risk work conditions. Schools quickly come to mind as an example. And I won’t forget meat processing plants anytime soon.

Ever tried finding decent prices on personal protective equipment with little or no money? 

I don’t expect the government to constantly intervene in our lives.

Shoot, I’m an African descendant living in America. I’ve seen enough instances of government interfering in the lives of Black and Brown people to maintain slavery, segregation, poverty, environmental assault, effed-up lab experiments, mass incarceration, and whatever else I didn’t mention — to be a fan of government overreach. But I would expect the federal government to leverage its economics-of-scale powers to make PPE sufficiently available at a reasonable cost.

But the Trump administration has decided to sit out this pandemic. Love for humanity is absent.

The administration’s love, assuming this love was naturally rooted in a real Christian God’s commandment, would mean the deliberate implementation of a national pandemic containment regime for all Americans, which would take the form of enforced public health protocols, adequate and low-cost protective equipment for families, and coherent planning for reopening businesses by sector.

Love doesn’t look emotionally or intellectually disconnected like Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Instead, we see a sociopathic stream of consciousness exercise rooted in management malpractice. President Trump and his cult leaders could have planned for safely reopening schools months ago.

The cult leaders’ unfounded belief that the virus would disappear and the entire US economy could safely reopen by Easter, the holiest day on the Christian calendar, drove them to disregard the rising COVID-19 bodycount and virus infections during the spring.

I’ll embed Trump’s Easter dribble just for the heck of it. Keep in mind that cult leaders notoriously make religious references as a way to connect with audiences who desperately want to believe in better times ahead.

This same malpractice drove Trump and his team to allow Southern and Midwestern states to emerge from shutdown orders before the virus even spiked in those regions. And those early-reopening regions are now COVID-19 hotspots in August.

Anyone who’s read or watched any basic Sci-Fi book or movie would know that viruses live off humans as food. COVID-19 is deadlier and more contagious than a common flu, rendering the current portfolio of virus treatments less effective. Therefore, starving the virus to death by keeping as many humans off the streets as possible is a sure way of reducing infections.

But the fake-Christian death cult still wants to push people out to the economy for needless sacrifice — regardless of who is placed at risk.

I still see you, Dan Patrick.

This gratuitous placement of the poor in a series of hedge mazes with blind alleys that all lead to dead ends with no other assistance for escape only means workers can be dead if they do, dead if they don’t, and dead if they can’t decide.

Still, this cult claims they act like Christians.

Their half-read Bible forbids me from judging them, so for giggles’ sake, I won’t.

I will simply point to my refrain whenever this death cult talks about their belief in God: the Bible’s New Testament, Book of Matthew, verses 35-40.

Showing indifference to the people most at risk of dying from COVID-19 is not love.

Slowing down United States Postal Service deliveries to win the November election — while displaying the same level of indifference to the sick who depend on mail-delivered prescription medicine, or the unbanked poor who receive financial assistance checks — is not love either.

This religious death cult’s faith in whatever deity they worship has no capacity to care for others.

And they’re always down for death.

Therefore, let’s call them what they really are: a death cult …

Song currently stuck in my head: “escapee” – daniel casmir

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