DNC Doesn’t Want to Be Saved

Thomas Perez DNC Chair

In another Democratic National Committee move that didn’t surprise me by any measure, unofficial Obama favorite, Clinton family ally and former Labor Secretary Thomas Perez was elected to serve as the imploded political party’s chairperson yesterday.

Perez’s win over his more more Progressive opponent, Representative Keith Ellison, confirms a thought that’s been droning in my head for the past 110 days.

Democrats want redemption, but without salvation.

And I continue to see two major parties with gradations of common love for Wall Street, lopsided trade agreements and disastrous foreign regime change adventures while working families remain socially marginalized.

You can’t even say the DNC is backslidin’ — unless you want to call its four-decade policy gravitation toward an oligarchs-only society — a sudden change of lifestyle.

Redemption is relatively easy to declare. Almost everyone wants to be free from their personal versions of tyranny.

Salvation, on the other hand, requires work.

Hard work.

And 11 out of 10 preachers will tell you the same axiomatic truth: you can’t experience redemption without salvation.

Salvation requires acknowledging the sins of the past, followed by a commitment to walking the path of global righteousness.

How is voting along with the GOP to militarize state and local police departments without conditions a righteous path?

How is planning who would be the next President of Ukraine, a sovereign nation, a righteous path? And how righteous is angrily cranking up the propaganda machine against the country that caught this regime change planning on tape and then outflanked the US with a regime maneuver of its own?

Can Democrats call lifting what remained of bank regulations in 1997, watching the results of that decision in the form of 2008’s financial markets crash and then attempting to fix the problem with the much weaker Dodd-Frank legislation acts of righteousness?

Was supporting a pro-banksta former Goldwater Girl who championed the invasion of Libya under a false pretense (and read this PDF from UK House of Commons), converted it into a failed state and African terrorist portal, played with the truth about her support for two major anti-middle class trade agreements, demonstrated a willingness to start a potentially bloody war with Russia over a Middle East civil war that presents no imminent threat to the United States and then tried to convince voters that she’s a Progressive Presidential candidate last year, encouragement for righteousness?

How is being a declared Moderate until Presidential primary season righteous?

Can we call the scheduling of Saturday night primary debates righteous?

By the way, is this righteous?

When is knowingly providing support to countries that fund deadly terrorist groups like Islamic State righteous?

Is this chart of middle class wages a righteous direction?

Middle Class wages chart

Does the DNC’s refusal to acknowledge the sins of its past while it continues a campaign strategy that says “Support us because the other guys are worse” look like a step toward righteousness to you?

I only see an tattered political party, desperately seeking redemption, but still refusing salvation.

And the sins continue. Is rumored Presidential hopeful Senator Cory Booker voting against lower-priced medicine — which is effectively a vote against the wallets of working families and for the temptation presented by Big Serpent Pharma — while hiding behind the disingenuous argument that he’s only thinking about protecting drug quality, a sign of more “righteous” acts to come?

There’s no shortcut to salvation.

That means the DNC will need to confront its sins — in front of its congregation — cleanse itself of these transgressions and vow to live a life that shuns the garden of oligarchs and blood money.

Otherwise, a large number of the flock won’t come back …

song currently stuck in my head: “rockin’ you eternally” – jazzanova feat. dwele and leon ware [rest in love and thank you, brother ware … ]

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