Trump’s mental state, Bernie Sanders and the souls of Black folks

donald trump mental health stability

Here’s a statistic from last week’s Quinnipiac poll (pdf here) about President Donald Trump’s mental stability that didn’t make the mainstream media landing pages: 70 percent of surveyed African American voters have a favorable opinion of 2016 presidential candidate and current U.S. Senator, Bernie Sanders.

The poll also showed a flash hypothetical read for 2020: 68 percent of Black folks would vote for Sanders in a presidential race.

(Laughing) Must be all that derivative socialist talk about breaking up the too-big-to-fail banks, reducing the country’s income inequality problem, dismantling the ever-expanding private prison industry, providing an alternative to financially-oppressive college education schemes and creating a healthcare program most Americans could actually afford — almost all of which speaks to African descendants’ spiritually-embedded sense of their motherland’s ancient communalism practices.

Or, BLAME THE RUSSIANS since some segments of The Resistance have a hard time believing in the possibility of Darkies reaching an independent conclusion about the way neither major political party has done a good job of taking care of the real economy for the past three decades.

When looking at the entire surveyed population, Sanders’ favorable/unfavorable measure was 48-38 percent. Democrats: 76-11 percent; White voters: 43-45 percent.

White voters don’t seem willing to #feeltheburn in the next presidential election: only 33 percent of those surveyed are inclined to vote for him.

These polling numbers underscore the strange relationship between African Americans and the Democratic Party: repulsed by Republicans, Black voters have been repeatedly handed a better-than-nothing deal by the blue party — a partnership of neglect and biennial woos studded with fear-soaked premonitions about allowing the other party take over Washington.

I’ve never posted a deeper meditation of Sanders on this blog but I should. While far from being a perfect candidate, his (un)popularity among certain voting segments is symptomatic of the Democratic Party’s continuing crisis of salvation. Some of you have been following my posts long enough to know that salvation has been a recurring theme of mine for over a year.

I think the media covered how Black voters have the strongest opinion of all concerning Trump’s mental stability — 71 percent don’t think he’s wrapped too tight, versus 43 percent among Whites — so I’ll only ask: isn’t the race divide over that survey question alone worth a hearty beer discussion … ?

Hillary Clinton is curiously absent from the survey — especially since Oprah Winfrey, Kirsten Gillibrand and Joe Biden were mentioned and gauged as potential Trump matchups.

Then again, we shouldn’t be surprised by that …

[Kambui’s note: this piece was written a while ago, but a couple of distractions delayed it from being published. Two words — “last week’s” — were used to update the post’s timing … ]

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