Latest Polls Show Democrats Are Still Running From Salvation

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Some of you ⸺ well, fewer of you, assuming the latest polling news is accurate ⸺ will groan as I resurface an earlier point I made about how redemption shall remain a fleeting fantasy for the Democratic National Committee until they first pursue salvation.

While the DNC has spent much of its post-November implosion state spitting “Agent Orange is the St. Petersburg Candidate” memes, a new survey conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post shows that only four percent of Trump voters have buyer’s remorse.

And the woes of Democrats crash down even harder. Look at this chart:

When comparing the percentage of voters who believe the two major parties and Trump are out of touch with everyday Americans, the Democratic Party ranks the worst with 67.

ABC explains why this is worse news for Democrats:

That’s a steeply negative turn for the Democrats, 19 percentage points more critical than when last asked three years ago, including especially steep losses in their base.

Now, I would like for someone to coherently explain to me what any Russian has to do with the DNC’s deterioration in relevance.

While I admit that gerrymandering is a state and local problem that needs to be addressed, this poll sends a clear message: even with a level, electoral playing field and do-over, Trump would still become Commander-in-Chief.

Still not convinced? Well, the ABC/WaPo poll is about to break your heart some more.

Here’s the setup: the percentage of survey respondents who said they voted for Clinton or Trump respectively reflect the popular vote margin that tilted toward Clinton in November’s general election.

And now for the hammer: the survey shows that 85 percent of those Clinton voters would not vote for her in a do-over election. Only two percent of her defectors would switch to Trump, but the remainder would support a third-party candidate or stay home.

(Laughing) Did Russia hack the survey?

The DNC also can’t blame Bernie Sanders’ primary supporters for these issues of relevance. ABC explains:

Still, there’s no strong evidence that defectors primarily come from groups that favored Bernie Sanders in the primary. There are no broad differences by age, and liberals are 9 points more likely than moderates and conservatives to stick with Clinton.

The DNC played themselves attempting be the Party of Hillary Clinton and hoping that working-class Americans could not tell the difference between a progressive values-driven candidate and a neoliberal shrill for the rich. Implosion became the result.

And not because Trump is so likeable. His approval ratings continue swim near the bottom of the scale.

It’s because the Democrats ignored its past sins of becoming the party of bankers, Hollywood and free trade agreements, and then doubled-down on its bad behavior by not delivering a clear vision America’s future while supporting an damaged brand called “Clinton.”

I’ll remind you of a reason why I call Democrats the Party of no Guts.

Salvation is hard work, plus it requires admission of past sins like ⸺ in the case of Democrats ⸺supporting the financial deregulation scheme that nearly destroyed Western civilization in 2008.

Such an admission ⸺ one of several transgressions, I must add ⸺ requires Democrats to revisit the political franchise they’ve built from donations of oligarchs who have no regard for the working families Democrats claim to represent, and then vow to build new roots.

That kind of admission can be scary. And embarrassing. Plus, it’ a sure-fire way to lose a handful of your rich friends.

Needless to say I’m not surprised by any of this.

Read the survey’s more detailed findings here [pdf] …

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