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Debbie Wasserman Schultz and healthcare — won’t help Democrats find salvation

Partisan politics makes many politicians look like strung-out lovers — feeling an inexplicably dumb compulsion to support the lamebrain propositions of their political parties and appearing even dumber when publicly doubling down their support, even when confronted with facts that … Continue reading

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Donna Brazile’s Failed Attempt at Salvation

In a related but trending story that dovetails to my insistence that the Democratic Party seeks redemption without salvation, disgraced former CNN analyst and DNC interim head Donna Brazile admits to leaking primary debate questions to partner-in-shadiness Hillary Clinton and calls the act … Continue reading

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Trump and Russia vs. Political Elites

Now that the mainstream press has most of us conditioned to get hysterical about the expanding web of Trump Administration officials who spoke with THE RUSSIANS … … All caps used for dramatic branding purposes … Can we have a … Continue reading

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