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“Liar” Trump and Selective Investigations

Now that we’re past the sensationalist social media opinions — which are not-so-curiously distributed by partisan leanings — can we discuss former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate testimony about his professional life under President Donald Trump? Well, before Trump fired … Continue reading

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Sunday Smack: Is Van Jones Correct About the Clinton Campaign and DNC Being Out of Touch?

This week’s Sunday Smack covers the Chicago People’s Summit this past Saturday, where CNN commentator Van Jones had strong words for the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic Party’s inability to connect with people of color and white working class voters. Quote and … Continue reading

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Perhaps James Comey’s Statement Shows How “The Donald” (Corleone) Earned His Name

Did you read Former FBI Director James Comey’s opening statement for tomorrow’s Senate hearing? Who needs a script writer for the inevitable President Trump: The Movie when you have Comey? This part:   A few moments later, the President said, … Continue reading

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Sunday Smack: Wonder Woman and Images of Power

This tweet by @megsauce about the new Wonder Woman movie is destroying the Internet right now: “No wonder white men are obscenely confident all the time. I saw one woman hero movie and I’m ready to fight a thousand dudes … Continue reading

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Trump’s Yuge European Failure Part 2: The Paris Climate Agreement Chapter

Now that we’ve covered the pitfalls of putting your trust in deal chasers to craft America’s military strategy and NATO relationship, what do you say about tackling climate change and the inner workings of President Trump’s brain? Let’s first deal with what … Continue reading

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Trump’s Yuge European Failure — The NATO Chapter

President Donald Trump’s recent trip to Europe reminds me of an episode from that Blind Date TV show: Trump returns home after the date thinking he’s slayed like no other president before him — (laughing) the best Europe’s ever had — while … Continue reading

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Thank You, Gregg Allman. You’re Bigger Than Southern Rock.

I’m saddened to hear that Rock luminary, elder and Allman Brothers Band co-founder, Gregg Allman, has passed on. It’s not hard to say that at 69 years of age — with a willingness and skill to create music that matters — … Continue reading

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A Bomb and $350 Billion Proved Trump is FOS About Fighting Terrorism

It took Islamic State follower Salman Abedi and a bomb to kill 22 people just outside a Manchester Ariana Grande concert to prove a point a few of you already suspected: President Donald Trump is completely FOS about fighting terrorism. … Continue reading

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Cracking the Donald

You will freak out over this piece of US-Russia news — US officials gave Russian arms negotiators Britain’s nuclear arms secrets, which included the serial numbers of every Trident Missile the US provides to the country. Nope, Britain never gave … Continue reading

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Sheriff Clarke for FBI Director?

While considering the backgrounds of possible replacements for FBI Director James Comey, who was just fired by President Donald Trump in one of the most embarrassing ways you can imagine, I realized that a few of you may not know … Continue reading

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