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Latest Polls Show Democrats Are Still Running From Salvation

Some of you ⸺ well, fewer of you, assuming the latest polling news is accurate ⸺ will groan as I resurface an earlier point I made about how redemption shall remain a fleeting fantasy for the Democratic National Committee until they first … Continue reading

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Iraq and Vietnam Saw False Flag Attacks — You Just Witnessed One in Syria

You already know by now I have strong suspicions that the Syria chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhoun either didn’t happen or sarin gas was not used to kill those civilians, as the US has claimed. I said back then … Continue reading

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Trump — Assimilated

President Donald Trump was set to dump “obsolete” NATO — until he changed his mind. In the name of efficiency, Trump imposed a federal hiring freeze — and then cited “efficiency” when he lifted the freeze. Fed chairperson Janet Yellon … Continue reading

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Fire Spicer; Shut Down Pepsi; United Still Not Down

Politics aside, US Press Secretary Sean Spicer should be fired for being an idiot. President Trump is free to choose any Conservative he wants to serve as his mouthpiece. I’m just asking that he chooses among the smart ones. No … Continue reading

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Download This Soul Music Podcast Now.

If you love modern, independent Soul music creators like Kindred the Family Soul, Angela Johnson, Moonchild and Amp Fiddler, give thanks to Soulsorts’ Roger Williams for this three-hour show of top-shelf tracks. Click the pic below or go here to listen, get the track … Continue reading

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Trump, Russia and the Big Boys Regime Change Club

After a brief distraction from the November 8, 2016 elections and President Donald Trump’s brief declaration just over a week ago that removing President Bashar al-Assad would not be the United State’s priority in concluding Syria’s civil war, it appears … Continue reading

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The MLK Speech You’ve Heard Before (But Not Really)

I’m recognizing the 49th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s assassination by posting his final speech — better known to many as “I have Been to the Mountaintop” — since many of us only know two minutes of it. Along … Continue reading

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S.F.M.D. (Silly Flynn Makin’ Dollas)

[BK’s note: I still think President Donald Trump lacks the emotional stability to serve in public office so don’t twist my opinions in this piece into an endorsement of his administration.] The anti-Trump movement has been giddy these days since … Continue reading

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Sunday Smack: Is Steve Bannon the Frantz Fanon of White People?

“The Strange Persistence of Guilt” piece by New York Times writer David Brooks — where he equates President Donald Trump’s chief strategist and Alt-Right icon Steve Bannon with Martiniquan psychologist, writer, philosopher and radical Frantz Fanon — is the inspiration … Continue reading

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You Voted for Death Panels Last November

Do you remember back in 2009 when Party of No Brains Governor Sarah Palin prohesized that the Party of No Guts’ attempt to reform the American healthcare system would result in the formation of death panels that would determine who lives and … Continue reading

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