Cracking the Donald

You will freak out over this piece of US-Russia news — US officials gave Russian arms negotiators Britain’s nuclear arms secrets, which included the serial numbers of every Trident Missile the US provides to the country. Nope, Britain never gave America permission to share this information. But I assume Russia was quite grateful. Before you […]

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Sheriff Clarke for FBI Director?

While considering the backgrounds of possible replacements for FBI Director James Comey, who was just fired by President Donald Trump in one of the most embarrassing ways you can imagine, I realized that a few of you may not know the depth of evil attached to one of the dismal options Trump may consider: Milwaukee […]

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The Decision to Murder Jordan Edwards

  As the car carrying then-alive teenager Jordan Edwards departed a house party where everyone in the vehicle collectively felt was no longer safe to remain, Balch Springs, Texas police officer Roy Oliver’s calculations went from zero to I-need-to-kill-somebody within sub-seconds. Or perhaps Oliver was able to arrive at his deadly conclusion so quickly because he […]

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94 Percent — The Sad Truth About Democrats and the Obama Economic Recovery

Hillary Clinton blaming the calendar for why she’s not your President today elucidates my earlier points about the Democratic Party running from salvation — as if they’ve discovered a shortcut to redemption. The calendar fails to adequately explain one of several reasons why traditionally-Democratic voters either switched parties or stayed home last November: the economic […]

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