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Senator Harris, the presidency, her Jamaican roots and those curious answers about weed

For whatever reasons, I have this bad habit of writing stuff and not posting it. My thoughts about US Senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ interview on The Breakfast Club Morning Show well over a week ago is an example. … Continue reading

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Democrat lawmakers agreed with Trump’s wall — 25 percent of the way

There’s a question I meant to raise a few weeks ago about the budget debate in Washington and President Trump’s Great Wall idea. “What would you prefer Congress to fund — $5 billion for border security or $5.7 billion for … Continue reading

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The emerging story of Jussie Smollett

I always tell you that my natural writing style is stream-of-consciousness — an approach I use for capturing my raw feelings about any topic. But that doesn’t mean I’ll write in the absence of cogent facts. You can pretty much … Continue reading

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Amazon’s pullout and New Yorker’s confusion about economic growth

My response — after laughing — when I heard Amazon is pulling out of that sweet deal to set up a second headquarters in New York City was short, but loaded with meaning. “Jeff Bezos must’ve thought he was playing … Continue reading

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