You can’t ‘heal’ White supremacy — a bloody lesson from America’s Civil War

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Republicans talk about “healing” more than “justice” today. Sounds familiar …

Remember when President Abraham Lincoln wanted the country to “heal” after the Civil War ended in 1865?

You know, back when the current Republicans’ ancestors were Democrats who owned slaves, were whole White supremacists, became separatists by creating their own country in America called the Confederacy, and then formed an insurrectionist army to fight the United States for the freedom to own slaves?

It’s as if Lincoln tried to heal the country through healing White supremacy.

This story is beginning to sound familiar, right?

Every single Confederate soldier, officer and politician should have been charged with treason after the war.

Lincoln wanted the country to “heal”, though.

And he allowed Confederate soldiers to return home with neither treason charges nor trials.

Confederate Army generals were not tried for treason either — in the name of “healing”.

By the way, President Andrew Johnson did more “healing” when he issued an 1865 proclamation for amnesty and pardon to almost all Confederate insurgents — but I’m moving too far ahead of this story.

About three years prior to the war’s end, Lincoln signed into law provisions for compensation to Washington D.C. slave owners who willingly gave up their human capital.

For 2021 partisans who can’t seem to stop color-trippin’, the bill was written by a Democrat.

Call the slave-loss compensation an incentive, if you’d like.

I call it a bailout to slave owners with no serious thought of reparations to African slaves and their descendants.

Outside of lost lives during the war, the worst punishment that happened to any Confederate separatist was when General Robert E. Lee lost his rights as a US citizen. 

But Lee was never charged, tried, nor arrested for his crimes.

Shoot, he even scored a cushy gig after the war. 

Lee never advocated for racial equity, and even opposed voting rights to freed African slaves.

Let that marinate: Lee’s army killed Americans and skipped jail time, was allowed to walk the country and work as a free man when many freed slaves wandered town-to-town in search of work, and he still retained enough White privilege to oppose the rights of others while he — supposedly — lost his own.


Republican President Gerald Ford restored Lee’s citizenship in 1975.


But back to Lincoln. His reward for “healing” a bloody Civil War’s aftermath with no trials, no treason charges, and no dismantling of White supremacy was to have his brains blown out on April 15, 1865.

America treats White supremacy like an over-privileged son who permanently disabled his sister when he crashed the family car, but is rewarded with a new ride and a “don’t let it happen again” admonishment — even though the lad hates his parents.

“Healing” White supremacy led to President Rutherford B. Hayes selling out African descendants in the South, leading to the birth of Jim Crow and more acts of white domestic terrorism.

Even back then, America played the role of principal bipartisan apologists for White supremacy. Look at how the Great Migration of African descendants to the Northern states was explained away as a grand act of seeking the American Dream, but almost hilariously failed to explain that whatever dream Black folks were seeking, they sure as hell weren’t finding paradise, opportunity, and the right to stay alive in the South.

America doesn’t even have the guts to call those fleeing African descendants “refugees” from a war of terror waged upon them.

Because we want to “heal”.

My shock meter registered ZERO all of January 6 during the President Donald Trump Sausage-incited insurrection on Capitol Hill.

Blood is what happens when the country wants to wank White supremacists more than pulling up their pants and showing them there’s a cost to White terrorism.

I tell my friends all the time: America’s failure to dismantle White supremacy will become one of three drivers behind this nation’s inevitable collapse.

This makes “healing” White supremacy an urgent national security risk.

The lack of willingness to confront White supremacy also remains a longstanding insult to the indigenous, enslaved and immigrant ancestors who built this country without benefiting from the nation’s rewards.

Like I said earlier this week, I’m down for healing. 

But I first want massive helpings of overdue justice against this fake-Christian death cult

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