White supremacy matters: the Trump coup and case for overdue justice


You can’t ‘heal’ White supremacy.

Exactly a week after this fake Christian death cult I keep writing about attempted to overthrow the US government by overrunning the US Capitol, many legislative members from the Party of No Brains — supposedly fearing the cult’s potential for hurling death threats — defended Coup Inciter in Chief President Donald Trump Sausage by suggesting that the nation needs to heal instead of Congress spending time impeaching him.

I wrote a while back that pols don’t typically tap into this Neo-Confederate toxic energy mass for good reason: MAGAdem don’t know how to act.

Centuries prove this fake-Christian death cult cannot be controlled — or at least not through conventional methods.

This explains why clear-thinking pols let this cult chill in Appalachia, Bay Minette, Modesto, Howard Beach, et alibi. to live w/ their blood shrines and wild-azz theories of life. Until recently, elected GOP officials would treat accepting this cult’s votes or campaign contributions as a passive exercise.

I also said that President Sausage failed in his reelection bid because he was neither sufficiently bright nor slick to correctly channel this toxic energy. As I said earlier, this energy can’t be controlled.

But the next politician — who will undoubtedly take notes from Sausage’s mistakes — will craft an intelligently dangerous approach to channel this toxic energy and then get elected. 

Even reelected.

And the supported cult will use their years-proven methods of violence to suppress votes and other human rights.

There is a treatment for protecting the US from being overrun by this energy: strong and equitable economic and social growth.

Again, this is a treatment. There are side effects.

Some cult members may be too busy working in the new jobs and social conditions created by a reimagined nation to consider overthrowing the federal government, but others will double-down on swastikas, Confederate flags, flying bullets, and more coup attempts.

This is why America can’t heal without justice.

Justice means placing White supremacists in the terrorist column of any watchlist — and then prosecuting them.

Justice also means investigating, expelling, and prosecuting any politician who’s even passively down with this cult.

January 6, 2021 should reaffirm what many of us already know about cults.

They’re like chickens.

And chickens always come home to roost.

Without justice, expect to see more chickens …

Song currently stuck in my head: “teardrops” – joss stone

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