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Shaun King — tear down White Jesus? Whachu saying?

White Supremacy in religion has a long history — but let White church folks keep their White Jesus portraits. Now, how you gonna get a European White Jesus in Palestine? You can’t get that! But with White theologians, you can … Continue reading

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Running for his life — Rayshard Brooks and the dead prison system that couldn’t save him

Why do we continue to spend money on prisons that cannot produce better results? There’s so much to unpack, given the Atlanta cop arrests for the murder of Rayshard Brooks, additional book-selling drama by war pig John Bolton, so-called police … Continue reading

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What Black person in America is surprised that a Black Pastor was arrested after calling 911 to tell police he was assaulted by a White mob?

“Nobody.” — Black people Most African descendants I know try to avoid confrontations with White people that could possibly escalate to the police being called, or at least move forward with the drama, knowing their conception of innocence could be … Continue reading

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Quick comment and advice on Ohio State Senator Steve Huffman wondering if African Americans or ‘colored’ people are hit harder by coronavirus because they ‘do not wash their hands as well’

When we talk about the quality of healthcare in Black communities, think Huffman. Or don’t. I’m sure y’all already know about Buckeye State lawmaker Steve Huffman’s — um — musings about why African Americans have higher COVID-19 infection rates: Could … Continue reading

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We can’t be selective about which Black lives should matter

It’s impossible for you to fight for your own freedom without fighting to free your entire community. I normally would never discuss my sexual preference on this channel since the truth I try to share on a regular basis is … Continue reading

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One more Prince post: former band members from The Revolution, New Power Generation and 3RDEYEGIRL released a version of ‘The Cross’ from Sign o’ the Times album

A message of hope, amidst a pandemic and the struggle to make Black Lives Matter across the world Within the past hour, Prince’s official Twitter account posted a cover of Prince’s “The Cross” song, performed by musicians from his former … Continue reading

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A reminder that police violence is a danger to communities’ mental health. And research supports that claim.

Premature mortality, mental trauma, depression, anxiety … Warning: embedded videos contain graphic violence. What if your innocent and non-threatening family member or neighbor was attacked by a police dog  — like then-52-year old Desiree Collins was when she was taking … Continue reading

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Buffalo Police Department’s 57-member tactical team resigned after the city suspended two officers for shoving 75-year old Martin Gugino to the ground, making him bleed. Good.

Eff them. They didn’t completely leave the force, but they should. I’ll riff off an old Funkadelic song: America eats its old. Peak oppression displays one of its most dangerous inhumane tendencies to the world when institutions begin to publicly … Continue reading

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Obama’s policing town hall remarks [yawn] and why #defundthepolice is not a bad word and an arguably good idea

We have to think about — what does it look like to have a future without police? Phillipe Cunningham; Minneapolis, Minnesota Council Member I get that former President Barack Obama had the marquee name in yesterday’s virtual “Reimagining policing in … Continue reading

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Police beating resulted in 9 staples to activist Jason Rosenberg’s head Tuesday night

Warning: please skip this post if you are easily triggered by video or other media that describes police violence. Cops hate the phrase “Fuck the police”. In my experience, no one is raised to say “Fuck the police.” People are … Continue reading

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