Blame White supremacy

Instead, we all blame each other for our problems …

People seem to forget a few points in all the online clamor about the rise in violence against Asians.

White-on-Asian violence is White supremacy.

Black-on-Asian violence is White supremacy.

The whole “model citizen” label given to Asians is White supremacy.

Asian-on-Black violence is White supremacy.

Black-on-Black violence is White supremacy.

Black domestic violence is White supremacy.

Asian-on-Brown violence is White supremacy.

Self-colonization is White supremacy.

Anti-African viewpoints expressed by Chinese citizens are born from media images.

Needless to say that America is filled with similar images.

And White supremacy is behind most of that imagery.

In a society that has spent several hundred years promoting racist memes against oppressed people while positioning Whiteness as the ultimate social aspiration among the world’s citizens, the remaining ethnic groups are left to fight each other over who will climb the social ladder higher.

Some will even become immersed in self colonization. Have you checked out the global sales of bleaching creams? That industry isn’t going out of business anytime soon.

When American society — through the forms of corporate media endorsements, mass incarceration, academic indoctrination or blatant on-the-street bigotry — depicts a specific group of people at the bottom of the social ladder, guess what happens among the other ethnic groups?

They shit on each other as a way to fit in and move up.

All of that is White supremacy at work.

Not White people. White supremacy.

But let’s be really-real. White supremacy also creates a persistent fear among many White people.

Like, Latinos present a national security threat.

Or African descendants — even if they are executives riding elevators in office buildings — provide sufficient justification for White people to hold their wallets tighter.

Chinese Asians are virus spreaders.

Arabs blow up skyscrapers.

And Native Americans are less American than Americans.

That’s a lot of daily fear and incoherence.

And this fear is not only unhealthy for the rest of us — Brother George Floyd, may he Rest in Love, is top-of-mind at the moment — but its also unhealthy to anyone who benefits from privilege.

Meanwhile, everyone shifts their focus from the root problem …

song currently stuck in my head: “moonman” nick hakim and roy nathanson

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