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I had a laugh this morning when I read about Hillary Clinton sharing her secret for withstanding the day-long House accusatory assault by the Party of No Brains, who are hell-bent on giving Clinton the hardest time about the chain of events leading up to the deadly jihadist attack on the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi.

Are you ready to laugh? The presumptive 2016 Party of No Guts presidential candidate said: Yoga.

If you’ve read this blog or anything like it during the past two years, you’d be howling by now.

Most of the questions raised by the PoNBs during their 11-hour Clinton grilling had the ring of familiar, albeit shallow, droning sounds.

Like, “What about that private email business, Ms. Clinton?”

Or “Why didn’t you and Team Obama provide additional security to the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi — despite the repeated requests of US ambassador Chris Stevens — prior to the attacks where Stevens and others were killed?”

Clinton would’ve sorely needed a long round of pranayamas if the PoNBs asked a different question: “What exactly was the the US diplomatic compound doing in Libya just prior to the attacks — aside from normal diplomatic stuff?”

But no one will ask. You can read my two-part May 2013 take on Benghazi (one and two) later, but the short version is that the compound has been a well-known base of operations for the US Central Intelligence Agency. Benghazi happens to be a top source for recruiting jihadists to fight in Syria’s Civil War as well as conduct violent destabilization activies in Iraq. What’s more, the CIA was using Benghazi as a node for transferring arms to the same Syrian rebels — many of whom belong to groups who are either on the US terror watch list or are sworn enemies of the United States.

Since the US effort to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al Assad is a bipartisan effort which appears to border on treason, what kind of hard questions can you realistically expect to be asked last Thursday?

The only Yoga Secretary Clinton needed last week was this one

song currently stuck in my head: “crush test” – pavlov & mishkin

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