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Trump’s mental state, Bernie Sanders and the souls of Black folks

Here’s a statistic from last week’s Quinnipiac poll (pdf here) about President Donald Trump’s mental stability that didn’t make the mainstream media landing pages: 70 percent of surveyed African American voters have a favorable opinion of 2016 presidential candidate and … Continue reading

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Donna Brazile on DNC Rigging — Lies, Realness Or What?

After looking at journalists pound the tweet button for more than a week as if it were a defibrillator — and perhaps it was — in mortal defense of the Democratic National Committee against disgraced ex-interim Chair Donna Brazile’s allegations … Continue reading

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Sunday Smack: Is Van Jones Correct About the Clinton Campaign and DNC Being Out of Touch?

This week’s Sunday Smack covers the Chicago People’s Summit this past Saturday, where CNN commentator Van Jones had strong words for the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic Party’s inability to connect with people of color and white working class voters. Quote and … Continue reading

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94 Percent — The Sad Truth About Democrats and the Obama Economic Recovery

Hillary Clinton blaming the calendar for why she’s not your President today elucidates my earlier points about the Democratic Party running from salvation — as if they’ve discovered a shortcut to redemption. The calendar fails to adequately explain one of … Continue reading

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Latest Polls Show Democrats Are Still Running From Salvation

Some of you ⸺ well, fewer of you, assuming the latest polling news is accurate ⸺ will groan as I resurface an earlier point I made about how redemption shall remain a fleeting fantasy for the Democratic National Committee until they first … Continue reading

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Clinton Global Initiative Shutdown — Post-Election Reminder for Party Cleansing

The latest news about the Clinton Global Initiative formally filing its intent with New York State to shut down and lay-off 22 employees reminds me of what I said in my last piece — the Party of No Guts will have to exorcise the … Continue reading

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President Obama Drops Bomb on Team Clinton and DNC: Emails Were Not Hacked

President Obama dropped a bomb on his way out the White House — besides the one he left, B2-style, with a suspected Islamic State camp in Libya. The President indicated during his final White House press conference that the Democratic … Continue reading

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Despite “Intelligence Report,” Still No Proof of Russia Hacking US Elections

Since the debate about Russia hacking and influencing the US Presidential elections to favor Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton has reached deeper levels of crazy with the US intelligence community’s release of a damning report, allow me to share a crazy … Continue reading

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Unpacking Trumpland: The Unmentioned Way Hillary Clinton Played Herself

After losing the Presidential election, Hillary Clinton and her merry band of campaign planners have blamed nearly EVERYONE for why she missed her November coronation. They blamed Huma Abedin, one of Clinton’s insiders. They blamed so-called “fake news.” The F.B.I. … Continue reading

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A NY Times article says that Hillary Clinton blames the FBI’s last-minute email investigation announcement for her Presidential election loss to Donald Trump. Hard to say “I just didn’t get the job done,” isn’t it? My take on Team Clinton’s failures can … Continue reading

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