us airdrops 50 tons of weapons and ammo to syria rebels

The stupidity of Team Obama’s latest move in Syria’s civil war is mind-blowing.

I’m talking about Afghanistan 1980s dumb. A burning Twin Towers type of dumb.

After more than three years of failing to find moderate and capable rebels without terrorist links to fight Syria President Bashar al-Assad’s regime; using Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s two-billion dollar regime change investment to arm and train fighters who ended up either surrendering their weapons to terrorist groups or becoming terrorists; spending 500 million in American taxpayer money to train 5,000 rebels and ending up with an embarrassing fraction of that amount come graduation day; helping Islamic State (ISIL) grow from a terrorist rebel organization to a destabilizing rogue state on the Syria, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan borders; demonstrating no desire to clean up the jihadist cesspool they created, thus setting the stage for Russia to intervene and stop the region from turning into a murderous, fundamentalist caliphate; what’s the Obama administration’s next move?

Literally drop 50 tons of ammo and some weapons from the sky with the hope that the arms not only reach the kinds of rebel fighters the US has failed to find for three years, but that the weapons are also put to effective use.

(Laughing) It’s not like Team Obama hasn’t tried this Syrian airdrop trick before!

And it’s not like those packages didn’t get picked off by ISIL or eventually move into their possession.

The Syria civil war has officially become 1980s Afghanistan. And do you need a reminder of what Afghanistan led to?

song currently stuck in my head: “tremblin‘” – birdie green

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