Benghazi attacks report finings

Frequent visitors to mentalunrest would not be surprised by my thoughts on the House Select Committee’s report on the 2012 Benghazi, Libya attacks that left US ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans dead.

For you newbies, I think the report’s findings are a joke. Check the following links to get a sense of where I’m coming from:

Benghazi Blues, or Russian Roulette? Part 1

Benghazi Blues, or Russian Roulette? Part 2

Come on, Hillary.  Yoga?

I guess you can call the report a success in the way it deepens the resolve of many who are down with either the Party of No Guts or the Party of No Brains.

Even those people who swear that color trippin’ isn’t their thing while they play seasonal political analysts, got ridiculously played by an election-year mamaguy. Campaign coffers need refills, y’all.

Some of you will undoubtedly ask “Why would anyone, particularly the PoNBs House members who authored the report’s tone, spend two years to investigate and write an 800-page joke?”

For starters, you can’t trust a report that appears to go out of its way to avoid asking the most obvious, and equally necessary, questions.

There’s no section of the report — well, from what I’ve read so far — that attempts to wonder exactly what Ambassador Stevens and team were doing in one of the hottest recruitment portals for Jihadists destined for Syria’s civil war against President Bashar Al-Assad’s government.

The report never explores the specific beef the Jihadist gunmen had that resulted in the Americans’ death. FOIA-provisioned documents prove that the beef had nothing to do with a video.

Since both political parties have supported regime change in Syria by any — including Jihadist — means necessary, the report can’t damn Clinton without damning all involved.

So, we’re staring at an 800-page report that drops no bombshells.

And of course the report can’t reveal how these bipartisan regime change planners continue to blur the boundaries between selfishness and balls-out stupidity.

We should have learned from how US support for the Mujahideen and regime change in Afghanistan led to Al-Qaeda and falling buildings, or how the same team’s regime change plan and execution in Iraq led to hundreds of thousands of needless deaths and the birth of Islamic State, thus leading to the deaths of thousands more.

But the same crew, led by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (here and here — oh, and read this book), lied about saving humanity in Libya from the genocidal intent of its ruler Muammar Gaddafi. Regime change was the plan all along.

Gaddafi’s removal has turned Libya into a bloody failed state, a terrorist portal, a de facto arms dealer for a wide number of brutal conflicts beyond its borders and a significant source of the refugee crisis in Europe.

Besides, I don’t see how a humanitarian mission that was not supposed to be yet another US-led regime change exercise could lead to this reaction to Gaddafi’s death:

Like Iraq, there was no regard placed on the complex, fragile but dangerous tribal and sect relationships in Libya, nor what would happen should a power vacuum exist by removing the country’s leader.

So far, the social costs and lives lost appear to vastly outnumber any humanitarian upside.

None of these lessons were learned by the Washington gang with regard to Syria. During Clinton’s watch, heavy weapons were siphoned from Libya’s arsenal after Gaddafi’s death to supply the so-called moderate Syrian rebels’ civil war.

And there are documents to prove it.

Oh, and those Syrian rebels weren’t so moderate back then or even now. They have either been infiltrated by Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, or the rebels seem to have some fascination with fighting alongside terror groups.

Armed with the knowledge that US support was finding its way to enemies who have preached “Death to America,” the leadership of both political parties, Team Obama and Hillary Clinton have not halted this insane policy. Libya and its terrorist chaos were used as a fulcrum to enable regime change in Syria.

Wouldn’t this behavior be called treason anywhere else?

And that’s why we have an 800-page joke to read …

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