Benghazi Blues or Russian Roulette Part 2: US risks World War III from its push for regime change in Syria and Iran

You can gather from my previous Benghazi post that I think a cover-up by Team Obama likely happened – albeit the kind of cover-up that extends beyond the imaginations of some Congressmen currently sniffing around the issue – and why calls for additional security for the US Consulate appeared to be ignored: the “consulate” was a CIA base in disguise that seemed to be involved in all kinds of spy activities like counting jihadists, tracking and repurchasing weapons missing from the Libyan military, as well as supplying jihadists with weapons to overthrow the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria. Simply put, large security presence around the consulate would have drawn extra outside attention to the compound and the activities of the agents.

Today’s Congressional investigations put the Obama administration in the difficult position of explaining everything that was happening in Benghazi without explaining much of anything at all.

But, there are a couple of bigger issues to discuss.

First, think about the implications, assuming what I wrote a couple of days ago is true:

  • The Obama Administration, like the Reagan and Bush the Second regimes, was caught red-handed providing support to an enemy of the United States.
  • The constitutional implications of the previous bullet makes for an interesting discussion.
  • (Laughing) The Tea Party is probably having a collective orgasm since they now have circumstantial proof that Obama is a Muslim in Christian clothing.

Second, it’s no secret that the US is using Syria as a fulcrum for changing regimes in Iran, but remember what Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had to say about that idea?

That’s why I’m not surprised by Russia’s recent gift of missiles to Assad’s army and the buildup of Russian naval ships in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Sure, the US could win a scrap with Russia, but I’m not sure this would be the kind of war the US wants. And that’s probably what Russia’s betting on.

We also know China doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the US on Syria.

There’s another reason Syria’s become such an important territory to fight over. I’ll explain that some other time, but I just dropped a small hint…

song currently stuck in my head: “silver cycles” – melvin jackson


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