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Separating families through border prisons or African drones — how US policies can make parts of the world unsafe for children

The 16-year old son of a suspected terrorist who made the US government’s assassination target list was killed by a US drone strike one evening — two weeks subsequent to an American missile tearing apart his father’s body. The boy … Continue reading

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Niger Blues, Another Trump Head Fake

The Quarterback in Chief has done it again. Unanswered questions about the ambush in Niger that resulted in the deaths of four US Special Forces soldiers once again make debates about whether or not President Donald Trump suffers from congenital … Continue reading

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Name That Terror-Sponsoring Nation!

Guess the Middle East country I’m describing at the moment. The country has long-range ballistic missiles pointed at two other countries, at minimum. One of the targets is Israel. The country is a known sponsor of the most horrific acts … Continue reading

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A Bomb and $350 Billion Proved Trump is FOS About Fighting Terrorism

It took Islamic State follower Salman Abedi and a bomb to kill 22 people just outside a Manchester Ariana Grande concert to prove a point a few of you already suspected: President Donald Trump is completely FOS about fighting terrorism. … Continue reading

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Iraq and Vietnam Saw False Flag Attacks — You Just Witnessed One in Syria

You already know by now I have strong suspicions that the Syria chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhoun either didn’t happen or sarin gas was not used to kill those civilians, as the US has claimed. I said back then … Continue reading

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Trump’s Alternative Black History: Endorsement of White Terrorism

After watching President Donald Trump get his talking point wrong about Frederick Douglass’ current status on earth, I percolated the idea of creating daily posts of the humorous sort about Trump’s Alternative Black History — but ultimately decided against this … Continue reading

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Sure, Protest the Muslim Ban. Then Protest This.

The Fourth Book of Funkadelic, chapter two, verse three saw the hollow howls against totalitarianism years ago: You say you don’t like what your country’s about (yeah) Ain’t you deep In your semi-first class seat You picket this and protest … Continue reading

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How Obama Helped Trump Create the Muslim Ban List

  My Trump piece from yesterday about his Muslim nation immigration ban followed mentalunrest’s editorial policy — one major idea at a time, with few exceptions.   But it’s time to give you the other part of this story.   With the exception … Continue reading

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Along with providing safe place for bigots to be bigots and becoming a mass media target as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s boy, presidential candidate Donald Trump has earned a new distinction — an endorsement of sorts by the medieval warriors … Continue reading

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Frequent visitors to mentalunrest would not be surprised by my thoughts on the House Select Committee’s report on the 2012 Benghazi, Libya attacks that left US ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans dead. For you newbies, I think the report’s findings are … Continue reading

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