Military Times survey: US soldiers want a new President

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Waiting for Trump’s reaction …

Four years, three months, and 26 days ago, three pieces of interesting news arrived with a Military Times survey of active American military personnel.

First, the soldiers preferred — by a 2-to-1 margin — Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton to be the next US President.

Second, 20 percent of the soldiers preferred not to vote if they only had to choose between Trump and Clinton.

Third, The soldiers’ preference was significant since Trump had no military experience to brag about in 2016, The Middle East was more ablaze with war and social unrest back then, and Hillary Clinton was viewed as one of the persons holding the gas can.

Fast-forward to last month, where the same news group updated their poll to find that more troops want Joe Biden to be their President for the next four years. The 47.3-to-37.4 percent margin isn’t large, but the change in attitude is huge.

This means active US service members spent up to four years watching President Trump’s approach to delivering on his promise of supporting soldiers — on and off the battlefield — while rebuilding America’s combat capability, and more of them have decided that the country needs a new leader.

Plus, nearly half of all active military personnel disapprove of the current President. 

This time around, fewer survey respondents — 12.3 percent — are sitting on the fence. 

I’m waiting for Trump to act like that scorned lover again …

The proof that Trump doesn’t love the military or democracy, but loves the hell out of himself, continues to mount, but I don’t expect this news will sink his chances for reelection.

The anti-gravity properties of White Supremacy are too strong to allow a statutory declaration of democracy and equal justice bring down one of the most blatantly racist Presidents in modern American history.

The maintenance of White supremacy has emerged as one of three referenda this election season, And many of Trump’s supporters are so down with this racist American life that I’m sure they would even pay a tax to get rid of Black and Brown people for good.

But for everyone else, read the survey details

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