Attention: the Trump-Biden election will be tight

joe biden and donald trump

who thought conquering White supremacy would be easy?

National election polls show Vice President Joe Biden holds a 10-point lead over President Donald Trump and CNN calls Biden’s position the steadiest on record — but I don’t yet see a landslide.

I quickly crunched polling data in nine battleground states where I compared the 2016 polling leads Hillary Clinton held over Trump in early September with Biden’s leads at the moment, and found that Clinton enjoyed a stronger lead in those states — until she lost in November.

Feel me?

joe biden and hillary clinton polling performance against donald trump in swing states

I threw Texas in the chart for giggles and curiosity since Democrats seem to think that state is in play this year.

Also of note: Trump has recently been making gains against Biden in those battleground states.

Therefore, I don’t think the election will be easy for Biden. Besides, you can expect Trump voters to roll deep this November since White supremacy is on the ballot.

Start calling your distant cousins and make sure they’ve tightened up their voting plans. I know, a weird thing to say in America at the moment …

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