Why did President Trump tell Americans to vote by mail, and in person?

If your chances of winning are slim, cause chaos to even the odds — my guess.

I can only see two reasons for President Donald Trump suggesting that people mail in their votes and then vote in person. I’ll get to those later.

While I’m not fully confident in polls, they show that Trump will lose this election — and Trump seems to believe them since he didn’t start a daily tirade about rigged elections until Joe Biden began to solidify a position ahead of Trump this spring.

Imagine people following Trump’s election advice and mailing in their votes, followed by visiting the polls to do the same on November 3. 

And now imagine the kind of immediate disruption caused when polling station workers can’t find the person ineligible to vote because a ballot was mailed in. Also, think about the downstream disruption, should the two votes have to be reconciled.

And now imagine that disruption — multiplied by hundreds. Or thousands. Across the country.

Back to those two reasons.

First — a chaotic election month may not guarantee a Trump win, but chaos does more to even Trump’s odds.

Second — assuming Trump loses — he will act like a scorned and violent lover by scorching the entire voting process to the point where the system’s integrity will be damaged for years. He won’t love America, If its majority doesn’t want him.

Therefore, Trump won’t let another President have America without scars.

This is not the mark of a person who loves this country.

I think a diligent prosecutor would find that President Trump used his platform to encourage widespread voter fraud, as well as disrupt a fundamental constitutional right of citizens.

Another reason why Trump should be led out of the White House in handcuffs on January 20, 2021 …

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