Trump yelling

I was going to publish a post on Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s impressive campaign moat which prevents opponent Hillary Clinton from putting him away this summer, but I think it’s more important to discuss his emotional instability first.

(Laughing) Before you Conservatives start groaning, let me remind you that Liberals take plenty of lumps from me as well

I keep having a recurring visual of Trump driving his urgently pregnant wife to a hospital when another driver flipped him off for driving too slow.

Trump is the kind of guy who would immediately abort the hospital mission — despite Melania shooting amniotic fluid all over the windshield, almost like that Lou Reed song except she’s neither black or a man — to chase the car and its offending driver for disrespecting him.

Thus, the hospital exit is now in the rear view mirror, and Melania can now see the head …

But I’m sure Melania is sufficiently intelligent to know that her husband chases nearly any form of stimulus placed near him, so she’ll make other transportation arrangements.

If I can figure out Trump’s weakness as a layperson, I’m sure that elite intelligence agencies across the world have already created a psychological playbook for suckering “The Donald.”

Trump is correct for opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel can change his mind by calling him a “B**ch-azz” for not supporting it.

Trump could be provoked into starting a war with China — and that conflict is a real possibility, mind you — by calling him a “Pussy” for avoiding a throwdown.

The Kahn family incident supports the case for how Trump’s emotional instability makes everything worse. As Ezra Klein pointed out, Trump couldn’t take the idea of his reputation being “savagely attacked” on television, so he launched some culturally ignorant responses toward the parents of a fallen US soldier that inflated the original story’s news cycle by at least 300 percent — with the vast majority of the new stories attacking him some more.

(Laughing) Vote for Trump if you want, but you’d better hope that he stays medicated for four years …

song currently stuck in my head: “time and space” – eddie henderson


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