donald trump under fire

This past week has presented a compelling case for even presidential candidate Donald Trump to turn down his ego for a moment to acknowledge that he’s having a rough time.

Aside from his dramatically sliding poll numbers against opponent Hillary Clinton that warrant a separate discussion, the mainstream media has now replaced their “His damn quotes are sweeter than effin’ BuzzFeed clickbait!” primaries strategy with an all-out web, print and airwaves assault to topple his candidacy.

For example,’s home page featured so many anti-Donald Trump stories one day that you would think they were hosting a Trump writers’ slam.

Sounds crazy for a media organization to devote so much energy against a single topic, right?

Well, not really

Anyway, take a look at this mobile-friendly screen grab, if you don’t believe me:

cnn donald trump

The headlines centered around a pretty obvious theme:

Another GOP vote for Clinton

Ex Christie aide is the latest in party driven away by Trump

Top Jeb Bush advisor leaves GOP over Trump

Obama calls out GOP over Trump

Trump: Get crying baby outta here

Why Trump’s Facebook page says ‘Shop Now’

We also have the growing defection wave of high-profile Conservative government officials and advisors — including Richard Armitage, Henry Paulson and Brent Scowcroft — who plan to vote for opponent Hillary Clinton while exclaiming that the racial hatred Trump seems to galvanize is not what America, or their party, stands for.

Kumbaya, y’all. Bigotry is finally at the end of its lifecycle, right?

Not really.

Unfortunately, you can’t even offer the rudimentary argument that CNN, Armitage, Paulson and Scowcroft are merely attempting to scrape off the diseased patient’s pallid, dead tissue surface with the hope that vitality and color will return. A strategy, regardless of intent, that will fail.

But do you see what’s at work here?

Look at it this way — what would happen to public opinion if CNN provided the Home Page Treatment to the fact that infant mortality among African Americans is twice that of White Americans?

If a home page was filled with cases of racial profiling and police brutality from around the country?

Or a home page stuffed with stories which prove the US is supporting the same brand of Islamic Jihad to overthrow the Syrian government as the one that’s sworn to destroy the West, America included?

Can you imagine how fully informed the conscience of American citizens would be?

Do you see what’s happening here?

As an example, Maria Comella, a longtime communications advisor for Conservative New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and one of the advisors responsible for feeding Christie talking points to use in his failed presidential campaign — like the one that questioned the integrity of White House hopeful Hillary Clinton — has announced that she will vote for Clinton in November.

Do you see the game taking shape here?

I’m not talking about the nut job radio host who wanted to shoot Hillary in her coochie. His lunacy is really-real. No games there.

But don’t you think it’s a game when elites from the political party with a four-decade record of racial hang-ups, and has derided the other side of the aisle as Socialists who want to anesthetize poor folks with free government services, now thinks the so-called socialist nominee is better bet for America, and has turned on their own presidential nominee for having racial hang-ups?

The real game has no color — except for the one they want you to play during news broadcasts and on social media.

The real game is focused on themes Trump has not yet wrapped his brain around: trade deals, wars, financialization  and perfectly legal gunrunning in support of more wars. Middle class be damned.

Hillary? At the top of the class. She totally gets the real game.

Otherwise, Trump would be branded by party elites — even with his fixations on Great Walls and Muslim bans — as an excellent candidate, but with a few flaws he needs could work on.

You know by now I’m not a Trump cheerleader, but I also know that the world is nowhere close to a binary Blue-or-Red one.

Lesson? The hater of your hater may still came heavy to your doorstep …

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