tim fielder political cartoons for democratic and republican national convention dieselfunk glog
Image source: NY Times Race/Related.

Not sure how this didn’t hit my radar earlier but Tim Fielder, creator of Matty’s Rocket and a prominent cartoonist of Afrofuturism imagery, teamed up with his twin brother Jim to visit Cleveland and Philadelphia to ink and shoot their observations of the respective Republican and Democratic conventions — as told by everyday people.

The Republican portion of the project was coordinated by cartoon journalist Joyce Brabner and featured on her comixcast site.

Tim and Jim subsequently moved on to the DNC with a similar editorial mission: to find the people and stories you’ll likely never see in most mainstream media channels, and then create a graphic digital story (or “Glog”) in as near real-time as possible. It looks like we’ll see more of this unique approach to content creation in the brothers’ Dieselfunk glog.

The equally cool news is that the New York Times blew up Tim’s convention work today in its Race/Related newsletter.

Check out the Brothers Fielder’s process for capturing stories and images in this video:

Well done, guys …

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