Trump and Russia vs. Political Elites

Trump and Russia

Now that the mainstream press has most of us conditioned to get hysterical about the expanding web of Trump Administration officials who spoke with THE RUSSIANS

… All caps used for dramatic branding purposes …

Can we have a moment to make partial sense out of this?

“Partial” is an important term here since only a proper investigation will sort out everything we need to know about Trump’s relationships.

But Let me first get two of my strong convictions out of the way.

One — I have a Marcel Deiss Engelgarten and flash-fried lobster sammich party reserved for the day Trump appointee Jeff Sessions leaves the Justice Department.

Two — I still think Trump lacks the emotional stability to sit in the Big Chair.

Still, I’m sure the geopolitical elite has problems with #45 because they feel he has too much to learn about how the world really runs, and there are too many global projects waiting in the pipeline for execution to exercise patience with on-the-job trainees with ADHD and a predilection for harvesting domestic violence.

Conversely, Hillary Clinton is one of the best Deep State pupils who isn’t wearing a ring right now.

The original plan was for Clinton to win the election and finish up a few agenda items Team Obama clumsily left behind.

Like executing the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Snatching Crimea from Russia — although I don’t see that happening without directly confronting Russia and paying a heavy price.

Successfully closing out the Middle East regime change project better known as the Syria civil war. Having Crimea as a staging area for an air assault would’ve made the Syria exercise easier to pull off, but projects are rarely perfect, right?

Changing regimes in Iran would be the next step after finishing Syria.

In the case of Syria and Iran, it’s curious how the US saw such a rare and fleeting opportunity to shape the Middle East region for decades to come that they were willing to directly and indirectly support terrorists’ revolutionary aspirations.

Trump may barely understand the Iran portion of the foreign policy elite’s roadmap, but that’s about it.

And that’s why I blew-off the stories about Sessions meeting with THE RUSSIANS.

He reminds me of an errand boy from a sophisticated crime organization who puts his employers at risk each time he hangs out at local nightclubs — full of overpriced bravado — and starts fistfights over some “low-level beef.”

Sure, not “low-level” to many of you or community members potentially affected by Sessions’ abuse and the pumped-in air of hatred that seems to be a marker in Trumpland.

But Sessions’ acts can be distractions from the global mafia’s primary lines of business: free trade looting, damn-near free global labor, currency dominance and emerging superpowers lockdown.

The deployment of violence is typically a means to serve only these four outcomes, although there are times when the needs of local and global thuggery converge.

But Sessions and THE RUSSIANS? C’mon.

Even Vanity Fair isn’t buying that tale!

If you serve in the legislative or executive branches of the US government, there’s a good chance that you’ve met with THE RUSSIANS.

That’s how globally-connected political and commerce systems work.

If you’re an oil company executive, don’t be surprised if you find yourself having dinner with some wealthy Russian business folks.

And if you’re an economic or political advisor to a legislative or presidential candidate, how would you expect to do your job unless you speak with representatives from other global actors as a way to inform your future policies? In other words, you’re likely going to speak with THE RUSSIANS.

If you’re an executive traveling overseas, don’t be surprised if you’re approached by an intelligence operative from your destination country.

Placed in a different way, you may have unwittingly spoken to THE RUSSIANS on your last business trip. If nothing else, the agent wants to make sure that you’re not in the snoop game.

Ambassadors may have intelligence connections — and they don’t carry signs telling you so. Look at departed US Ambassador Chris Stevens as an example.

Therefore, I wasn’t surprised that the same people who accused Trump’s circle of speaking with THE RUSSIANS ended up being exposed by Trump’s team of speaking with THE RUSSIANS.

The content of those conversations would be more important to me than anything else.

But but no one’s even talking about content.

In place of identifying facts, folks are simply losing their collective sugar honey iced tea over any mention of THE RUSSIANS.

Look, I get it. I’d rather have someone else in the White House as well.

I also see the game being played — how about you?

If you were helplessly clueless before, your lifeline of mainstream-sourced enlightenment arrived when the political elite attempted to advance their bipartisan anti-Trump movement by repositioning a mass murderer from the 2000’s as a lovable Republican who also happens to disapprove of Trump.

George W. Bush and Michelle Obama

Nothing against the former First Lady’s halo powers, of course …

I’ve covered Syria and Ukraine in a number of posts so I won’t rehash history this evening.

Instead, I’ll offer some ideas, lightly covered with sarcasm, for how Trump can avoid this boiling sea of scrutiny by the media and political elite.

He could start by supporting the removal of Bashar al-Assad — even if it means supporting Islamic extremists to do it; throwing his support behind the next jobs-slaying trade agreement that looks anything like NAFTA or TPP; affirming the need for NATO’s post-Cold War existence with no conditions attached; taking stronger measures to force Russia into giving up Crimea; vowing to become an enemy of THE RUSSIANS.

Otherwise, the political elite will work towards getting him out of office.

You may still have your problems with Trump, regardless of the policy positions he takes.

But a few changes in Trump’s global outlook will help him find new and powerful friends who don’t care much about what you think.

Unless of course your thoughts directly affect free trade looting, damn-near free labor, currency dominance …

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