Aural Dive: ‘Moving to the Light’ by Division X

'moving to the light' song by division x album cover

It’s a war out there. Make this song part of your 2021 armor …

With the first 12 days of 2021 shaping up to be a sequel to the perfect American maelstrom 2020 has proven to be for many of us — pandemic death spiral, mass unemployment, coup attempts, imminent threats of White terrorist violence across the country and insurgent flags in American government buildings can do that to a vibe — I need you to do two things right now.

Stop doomscrolling, or doombinging.

And then recalibrate your insides by listening to vibes, verses, and beats.

Veteran Bronx Rap collective Division X is here for that. 

And “Moving to the Light” — the group’s latest single release — is their contribution to your healing.

“Your” and “You” are important terms here. In contrast to other entertainers, Division X wants you to focus on their music, and not their images or personalities.

African descendants — in times of joy, oppression, war, pain, or liberation — seem to naturally remain celestial-focused beings, and “moving to “the light” has arguably been a part of Africans’ life journey since nearly the beginning of humans.

For example, “the light” kept African descendants focused on family, community, and better days ahead during the Great Depression, while others who couldn’t see the light back then threw themselves out of windows.

Division X completely gets that.

 “Light” represents truth and victory, the rewards for our struggles. A victory that has been “written in the cosmos” as the group says in the new release. The song reminds us of who we are and how our present, regardless of the challenge, will never define our glorious future.

Through a downtempo stargazing beat, Division X deploys intelligent wordplay to remind the so-called wretched of the Earth of their shared heritage of majesty, oppression, resilience, and victory over those who wish to steal joy.

“No matter how they play it … No matter what they’re saying … ” Emphasis is mine.

After all, we’re built for this journey:

I can see the future / ‘cause I trained in the darkness

Division X – “Moving to the Light”

The sway-compatible song can work well in lounge sets, socially-distanced dance floors or your living room, as circumstances would seem for many.

Change your living soundtrack and grab “Moving to the LIght” on Bandcamp. I even suggest giving the track to others who can use the uplift …

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