13 takeaways from the Harris-Pence VP debate

Placement of colors and persons in this graphic are highly deliberate.

Looks like Senator Kamala Harris didn’t put Vice President Mike Pence away after all …

I’ll follow-up my earlier note about the debate with a mix of 12 hits, misses, and outright lies.

Let’s start with the visual allegory of the night

vice president mike pence had a fly land on him during his debate with Kamala harris.

That fly arguably made an allegory for the entire Trump administration. I can’t explain the allegory because … allegory.

Twitter howled.

Harris didn’t put Pence away

I expected her to open the debate with “Pence had to FLEE THE FRIGGIN WHITE HOUSE ON HIS WAY TO THE DEBATE BECAUSE A COVID-HOME INVASION IS GOING ON,” and then remind him of that all night while pointing at the plexiglass shields that surrounded both candidates.

Messaging is like a song. It needs a hook. And the hook was waiting all night for Harris to use — but she didn’t.

I’ll guess that she was either playing prevent defense for the campaign, or avoiding the racist “Angry Black Woman” meme.

Pence got away with the “We banned flights from China” lie.

The so-called ban had exceptions — US citizens, permanent US residents and their family members — that allowed thousands of potentially-infected people to enter America. Plus, Trump closed the wrong door. No surprise.

Pence never answered the question: “How can you expect Americans to follow the Administration’s [Centers for Disease Control’s] safety guidelines to protect themselves from COVID, when you, at the White House, have not been doing so?” 

I mean, forealz

gif of president donald trump removing his mask while diagnosed with coronavirus

How about the right of Americans to know the president’s health?

Pence never answered that question either, which is outrageous given what we don’t know about the mysteries surrounding Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis, and Trump demanding Biden to take a drug test. And let’s not forget those dementia accusations.

“Stop playing politics with people’s lives.”

“Angry Black Woman” or not, Harris should’ve gone “Oh hell no” and stuff Pence’s move to get away with that quote after 210,000 Americans died from a pandemic Trump has misled the nation about.

Pence dodged a bullet on his administration’s stream-of-consciousness health care policy — whatever that is.

You left the debate still wondering what the hell they’re doing in the White House but oh yeah — nothing at the moment because they’re ALL DODGING A COVID INVASION OF THE WHITE HOUSE.

Stacking the Supreme Court? Harris dodged the question.

I don’t think she will ever answer the question — for obvious reasons.

The Trump administration “defeated ISIS”

No they didn’t. Russia defeated ISIS. Russia stepped in because they became very alarmed with America dragging its azz while Syria was transforming into a jihadist cesspool. And read this for background.

The moderator was s**t.

No offense, Susan Page. I’m labeling the behavior and not your character.

Pence’s response to Breonna Taylor’s death from police bullets was all lives matter. With prayers. Basically.

What else could be interpreted from this response?

Communicating the big picture was missing.

We’re living in a world where a virus that the President misled us about has now invaded the White House and his body, triggered a severe recession that will leave millions of people permanently unemployed, elevated household paper towel supplies to the status symbol of summer, and has left health care providers still struggling to find personal protective equipment. “We don’t have to take this ride again, people” should have been Harris’ theme for the night.

Peaceful transfer of power?

Not sure Pence is down with that, based on his lack of words during the debate.

I can’t see Biden and Harris losing any ground. Kudos to Sen. Harris.

Debate video is embedded below …

song currently stuck in my head: “senses” – deborah jordan

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