Up to today, I would have said the VP debate would not be lopsided

We have the now COVID-infected White House, Trump’s taxes, a near-depression and the Bob Woodward interviews to thank for that …

I initially said to myself “This is a debate and not a Senate hearing.”

If it were the latter, Senator Kamala Harris who is a legend in grilling folks, would make short work of Vice President Mike Pence. There are no interviews, and the other side can hit back.

But there isn’t much Pence can hit back with that can break through the brick wall of public health incompetence displayed by him and President Trump.

Otherwise, Pence will likely go back to the faults of the Obama administration as a way to get at Harris and former Vice President Joe Biden. And there are some real liabilities surrounding the legacy of Team Obama. And Biden, in particular.

So yeah, Harris should be able to repeatedly wreck Pence’s jaw tonight.

The debate is now underway. We’ll see …

Song currently stuck in my head: “d’evils” – sirs

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