Trump’s coronavirus infection further proves he’s a lying, selfish, and opaque asshole

And this is why over 209,000 Americans are dead from COVID-19 … 

President Donald Trump’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, held a press briefing earlier today and accidentally proved a point a few of you have already expected: Team Trump is lying about the President’s coronavirus diagnosis timeline. 

A Lying Asshole

The official story, according to the White House, is that Trump was diagnosed with coronavirus late-Thursday night, with the news shared publicly Friday at 1 am.

Dr. Conley indicated today that the President was diagnosed with the virus 72 hours ago.

If true, Dr. Conley offered a straight-up contradiction to the official version of events, which would make Trump a lying ass. 

I guess it was no surprise that Dr. Conley rushed out a clarification:

“This morning while summarizing the President’s health, I incorrectly used the term ‘seventy two hours’ instead of ‘day three’ and ‘forty eight hours’ instead of ‘day two’ with regards to his diagnosis and the administration of the polyclonal antibody therapy. The President was first diagnosed with COVID-19 on the evening of Thursday, October 1st and had received Regeron’s [sic] antibody cocktail on Friday, October 2nd.”

The doctor meant to say “Regeneron.”

There’s now reason to suspect that Dr. Conley’s correction is also a lie, since Dr. Brian Garibaldi — one of the Walter Reed Medical Center’s pulmonary specialists who treated Trump — also said during today’s briefing that the President was treated with antibodies 48 hours ago.

There’s another reason to smell bullcrap in the air. The official story says one of Trump’s closest aides, White House Counselor Hope Hicks, was aboard Air Force One with the President on Wednesday, September 30 when she didn’t feel well. She was subsequently isolated during the remainder of the flight. 

I’m not willing to believe that [1] Trump was not immediately notified of a possible health danger on his plane; [2] White House staff acted to protect Trump and others under the assumption that Hicks may be infected with COVID-19; or [3] Hicks was immediately tested for the virus.

Instead, we’re told that Trump didn’t know about danger until more than 24 hours later … ?

They’re all lying asses.

A Selfish-Ass

Bloomberg broke the story that Hicks was diagnosed with coronavirus on the morning of Thursday, October 1. This means — in a rational world — the President would have been isolated, tested, and protected by Thursday morning.

Instead, Trump went on with his day — including a trip to New Jersey for a fundraising event — as if he’s virus-free.

There was no announcement about Hicks until Thursday night, when Trump appeared on Fox News to speculate that his exposure to the virus came from Hicks — y’know, after she was kissing cops and soldiers from town-to-town and all that.

This means Trump has effectively flipped off two groups of people this week: [1] all colleagues and friends who were in close contact with him on Thursday; [2] all the people who shared space with him prior to Wednesday night and didn’t receive a heads-up after Hicks’ diagnosis.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a member of the second group.

Trump has been flipping off Americans damn-near all year — from the moment he was made aware of the virus’ immediate danger but never made an effort to share those details with the public, to the near absence of actively promoting the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), or failing to use the power of his office to lower the prices for PPE while increasing availability to citizens. Hospitals are still complaining about the supply of PPE.

The Trump family flipped off the live audience and TV crew during last Tuesday’s debate by sitting in the audience maskless.

They’re all selfish asses.

An Opaque Ass

Today’s medical press briefing only raised more questions since a team of doctors were assembled to provide no answers to questions asked by the press.

Like, the results and timing of Trump’s last COVID-19 test.

The timing of Trump’s last negative COVID test reading.

When, at any point, did Trump require oxygen treatments.

Trump’s temperature when he had a fever.

When Trump became infected.

Or an idea of how he became infected.

Three pulmonary specialists were positioned behind the podium and provided no details on the condition of Trump’s lungs.

That’s about as illogical as the President experiencing no cardiac event but having cardiologists hanging around to shoot the crap with reporters.

This story has such a thick and deceiving fog where I’m beginning to doubt that Melania Trump has the virus, as the official tale goes.

I’ve always held the impression that Melania spends as little time as possible around her husband.

But given the judgmental public, and figuring the way the President’s brain operates, he may feel being in the hospital with the virus while First Lady Melania Trump is free to take Pennsylvania Avenue strolls would look pretty embarrassing — and send a clear message that he has access to the cow, the milk, and the calfs, but still can’t get …

… so, yeah. placing Melania on the diagnosis bandwagon seems to make sense. For appearances. Heh.

One More — Stupid Ass

Over 209,000 Americans are dead because of Trump’s management malpractice. 

He can’t even protect himself and his family from this pandemic, let alone the rest of the country.

An increasing number of Trump’s close associates are testing positive for the virus.

The White House’s inability to contact trace — or refusal to share its findings — has prompted the press to become unofficial contact tracers as they track captured media with the White House’s events calendar.

We should stop calling the American experience with this pandemic the China Virus.

I choose to call it the Trump Virus …

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