Russia expands its military role in syria civil war
A 2012 photo of a Syrian woman kissing a poster of Russian President Vladimir Putin (SOURCE: AP)

If you read my post about America’s role in creating the bloodbath in Syria we see today, you will immediately understand how the US having conniptions over Russia sending military supplies to President Bashar al-Assad’s embattled regime is ridiculous.

I’ll even go further and say that Russia is doing more than playing chess on America’s checkerboard they’re acting like parents who are using psychology games to deal with a spoiled child, except this child is quite dangerous.

To give you a quick breakdown, Syria’s civil war is more than simply The Regime vs. The Rebels, since the insurgent force is divided into hundreds of distinct armed militias where many of whom don’t like each other. Reports indicate that the fighters come from about 30 countries  so much for this civil war being organic.

With that said, there are several major factions of rebels.

Al Qaeda is attempting to overthrow Assad.

Jabhat Al-Nusra Front is also attempting to overthrow Assad.

A group of so-called “moderate” rebels, or the Free Syrian Army, has western backing and also has overthrowing Assad as an objective.

Plus, the Islamic State (ISIL) is attempting to overthrow Assad.

ISIL doesn’t like Jabhat Al-Nusra or Al-Qaeda, and the feelings are mutual. They tend to shoot at each other when they’re on the same battlefield.

Neither ISIL, Jabhat Al-Nusra nor Al-Qaeda like the so-called “moderate rebels.”

And while we’re talking about these “moderates,” it’s important to know that many of the moderate factions have been said to be infiltrated by jihadist operatives, thus making the term “moderates” ludicrous. By the way, the US received early warnings of this infiltration, and did nothing to address this issue. What remains of the “pure moderates” will not constitute an effective fighting force that will successfully overthrow Assad or defeat any of the other dangerous factions in this civil war.

And while everyone is fighting each other, ISIL with America’s unofficial help  has created a relatively strong rogue nation, and has plans to take even more territory.

Another key data point to consider is that ISiL’s conquered territory continues to grow, in spite of US air strikes.

We also can’t forget those hundreds of armed militia groups. Some of them combined forces to create the Islamic Front, while many others remain independent fighters with mercurial loyalties.

Given all the forces at play, President Assad’s regime has its hands full, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Assad is feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point.

Which brings up an important question to ask: What should be the higher priority overthrowing Assad, or cleaning up Syria’s new and growing jihadist problem?

Common sense would say the latter, especially after you read this.

But – and here’s the punchline the US is more concerned about Russia supporting Assad!

You can now understand why Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov responded to US concerns by calling them absurd (via RT):

To exclude Syrian army from fighting Islamic State [formerly ISIS/ISIL] is absurd … Syrian armed forces will be the most effective military force on the ground.

Lavrov went further in his criticism and accused the US of not authorizing air strikes on confirmed Islamic State positions.

Even though ISIL’s continued expansion in the face of US air strikes as well as ISIL’s ascendence to rogue state while America looked the other way provide reasons to believe that Lavrov’s last accusation could have some merit, you should focus your attention to the game Russia just pulled on the US.

If America attempts to stop Russia’s stated anti-terror operation to destroy ISIL and the other jihadist groups, then America will give the world the impression that allowing terrorism to grow is the priority.

Smart move, Lavrov. Let’s see what the US will do next.

Click this link for Lavrov’s statement on Russian aid to Assad …

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