Trump and taxes: America rewards (wannabe) rich White guys for failing up, but there’s more going on here

President Donald Trump black-and-white image

We now know what’s behind Trump’s crazy re-election campaign stunts …

I need this job /

Oh God, I need this /


“I Hope I Get It” from Broadway musical, A Chorus Line.

President Donald Trump’s tax drama pulls the entire story together for us now: he really, really, really needs his job.

I guess that’s why I’ve been humming this song from “A Chorus Line” for the past day-and-a-half.

Remember Thursday, August 6 on the reelection campaign trail when Trump spoke about his election rival Joe Biden, and came across as if one of his White House attendants switched-up medication doses?

“[Biden is] following the radical left agenda, take away your guns, destroy your 2nd Amendment, no religion, no anything, hurt the Bible, hurt God. He’s against God … ”

President Donald Trump in Clyde, OH; August 6, 2020

“Hurt the Bible”?

“Hurt God”?

As if hurting God is even remotely possible?

I thought Trump sounded spectacularly desperate back then.

And now the New York Times has provided context with a deep-dive review of Trump’s tax records to show that Trump has paid little to no taxes in recent years through claiming massive losses in his business operations, and is now being audited by the IRS for claiming a $72.9 million tax refund from those losses.

Plus, Trump has limited cash on hand — $34.7 million — to address over $421 million in loan obligations over the next four years.

This means it’s a matter of time before Trump gets smashed. 

Either the banks will smash him for default reasons, or the IRS will have the honors because of tax fraud.

As a citizen, Trump will have limited protection from the impending circus mallet. Being President allows Trump to enjoy the kinds of access that bring revenue to some of his struggling businesses. He also gets a stay-out-of-jail card, just in case.

We already know that White supremacy fuels Trump’s fanaticism.

But this dude also wants to stay out of jail.

Trump needs to be President.

He needs this job.

And he may stage a coup in November to keep this job — if he loses — thus proving my accusation that the Trump administration is nothing but a White junta-led theocracy.

Whatever the hell they worship.

Trump is not fighting to stay in office for the sake of defending an ideology.

He is simply fighting for himself.

Every US Senator, House member, or White House employee in Trump’s administration should reconsider if he is the bet they want to make.

Because — as I mentioned just over two years ago — this MAGA White House party will eventually stop. 

And the future will ask where these officials’ stood in the past, when autocracy once again threatened the world …

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