Trump said tonight that Americans live in a White junta-led theocracy — he must be really desperate

donald trump holding bible in front of church
Trump wants all to kneel

Whether or not this is news to you, welcome to the new (old) country. BTW — his concern for George Floyd’s  death, police brutality, and racial equity seems so … distant …

Just before 7 pm tonight — and after we’ve experienced President Donald Trump’s three-and-a-half year siren song of “Make America Great Again” — his militarized response to the memory of George Floyd’s murder by Minnesota law enforcement officers, police violence in general, and the resulting nationwide protests, has proven what I’ve been saying all along: Trump is the unfiltered President.

And the sediment you see is an overwhelmed and scared executive posing as a  junta leader and fake religious zealot who’s fighting for his self-ordained right to loot Americans of their money and freedom for four more years, if not longer.

By now, most of you have heard and watched his spectacular display of freedom bullshit tonight: announcing in a nearly seven-minute statement that he’s the “Law and order President” who is a protector of peaceful protest and an enemy of looting, while at the same time canceling the First Amendment rights of peaceful protestors located just outside the White House by deploying a militarized assembly of more than a half-dozen federal law enforcement agencies to clear the entire area of a dissenting voice.

Trump also warned that he will deploy the US military to across all states where US Governors do not, or cannot control the violence in these protests.

Given how he already broke his first promise to protect peaceful protest just minutes earlier, it seems as if he wants to ban all protests.

Sounds like textbook junta — run by a man who is clearly not wrapped too tight.

And why did he clear the peaceful DC protestors?

To pose for cameras in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church, located nearby — to hold a Bible. 

Since the church’s basement had been set on fire by vandals Sunday evening during the demonstrations, you would think the President would use the photo op to meet with the church’s Bishop or Rector. Or perhaps visit inside.

Nope. Somewhat funny when you remember the President’s closing remarks: he had to pay his respects to a “very, very special place.”

Instead of a meeting, the Theocrat in Chief held up a Bible, as if he’s never opened one in his life, acted as the filling between the church and cameras, and then accessorized this bullshit sandwich with more White people.

All the while showing no love for the poor or otherwise oppressed, like the Bible says.

Welcome to the White and holy future!

You now have the clearest view of America’s desired future with Trump at the helm: A White junta theocracy.

I can imagine Iran’s Hassan Rouhani, with a pot of tea, watching all this madness. He’ll probably throw a party …

But what does all of this mean?

Like I said, Trump’s overwhelmed.

And he’s nervous about the chances for reelection. If Trump’s reputation as a decisive executive has an ass, it’s been shitting all over COVID-19’s kneecap since the virus has buried its foot that deep in it. The economy melted down as a result, and Trump can’t blame his way out of the 107,000 American COVID deaths to date. Polls currently have a slight lean toward Democrat Joe Biden to become the next President. Plus, the DC demonstration forced Trump to look soft after he retreated to a bunker last week.

Trump is on the verge of losing his political all, so tonight was payback for his ego. He can’t look like a punk.

But more importantly, he staged this presentation to close ranks with the MAGA heads — one of two groups whose support he desperately needs for reelection this fall. Check out his statement to see how he irrationally dog-whistled his duty to protect Second Amendment rights — in relation to an appeal to respect Black lives … ?

This whole presentation — including usage of the name Antifa as the only organization he directly referenced as domestic terror actors — was planned for his reelection campaign.

Trump then hopes that the Left continues its infighting or anger distractions until the end of the year, when the election is over.

No talk about police violence. Nor Black lives. Nor racial equity. Not in this White junta theocracy.

I also wonder if he’s foolishly hinting about holding any additional coronavirus stimulus hostage when he said “We will help you, we will help your business, we will help your family,” after “the law is restored”. A dumb move, if he acts that part out. I’ll explain later.

No doubt, Trump’s White junta theocracy threat can be dangerous.

But we still have our unity, which is much stronger.

Be ready to hit your local Congress member’s office — for both parties.

And stay on these streets to be heard …

song currently stuck in my head: “children of forever” – stanley clarke

6 thoughts on “Trump said tonight that Americans live in a White junta-led theocracy — he must be really desperate

  1. It’s terribly sad. At the same time, in a very horrendously confused way, the people’s anger gives me hope…

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