Quick pre-debate notes about Trump and Biden tonight

President donald trump and former vice president joe biden

what each person should (or must) do …

I’ll revisit the debate issues in a later post but wanted to get a few notes on record before tonight’s debate starts.

Both candidates have liabilities, which is amazing when considering that one of them is guilty of management malpractice that resulted in over 200,000 dead Americans from COVID-19, and still has a shot at winning November’s election.

Biden is facing a two-fisted risk in the way he’s trying to woo African descendants while not appearing too pro-Black to Peoria. We already have White voters who are getting nervous about what Black Lives Matter means for their communities. One of the topics for tonight’s debate virtually made racial equity synonymous with violence in cities.

Trump will definitely brag about all the things he believes are his victories for African Americans and will lay down a challenge trap for Biden to discuss what racial equity looked like during the Obama years.

“Black Lives Matter vs. Peoria”, is what I call it.

Biden will either strike a perfect balance in his response, scare independent White voters, or disappoint African descendants into disengagement.

Quick example, it’s been known for years that Biden wanted to be more extreme on crime than any Republican in the White House or Senate. There are plenty of video receipts to support that fact. Which brings us back to that trap and the balancing act I talked about …

Trump has said some crazy shit about COVID-19 and Biden over the months. Biden should directly call out Trump’s words accordingly. “Disinfectant”, “herd mentality”, all of them …

Speaking of crazy, Democrats have a bad habit of ignoring the out-of-this world theories that Republicans come up with because they don’t believe anyone in their right minds would believe the accusations.

Biden should remember this: there are people who still think President Barack Obama is a Muslim and was born in Kenya.

Well, Biden will never get the MAGA fanatics’ votes anyway, but he should shut down the craziness tonight by keep mentioning how the crazy stuff won’t bring back 200,000 dead Americans or put Americans back to work. But Biden should at least directly call the crazy stuff “crazy”.

Biden has enough data points to paint a picture of Trump being overwhelmed by the duties of being President, and Biden should mention every one of them tonight, plus Trump’s taxes (ha) and unbalanced fascination with Twitter.

Trump will definitely bring up Biden’s long career in government and those failed Presidential bids. Trump would be nuts if he didn’t. And yeah, Trump believes the Hunter Biden-Ukraine story is a liability for Papa Biden. Unless Trump has new info about his opponent’s direct involvement in that affair, he should leave it alone.

Biden should avoid losing his brain on the debate stage but go straight at Trump’s liabilities while sharing a vision that’s more meaningful than saying “Vote for me because I’m not Trump”. Secretary Hillary Clinton tried that already, and …

Trump never speaks in specifics regarding policy. He should change that tonight. Or Biden should be ready to call that out.

I doubt Biden will will go after Trump’s family, even though Trump will not reciprocate. Back to Biden losing his cool …

I’ll revisit the debate tomorrow.

Song currently stuck in my head: “step up front” – zo! feat. deborah bond

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