Current raw thoughts about Breonna Taylor, 32 bullets, and no accountable Louisville cops

breonna taylor illustration in red

I neither see nor feel defeat right now …

They can crush the heart — sometimes. But never the spirit.

The past four years were planned to make the experience feel like eight.

While hatching plans to make eight real.

Still, they can’t crush the spirit.

And I’m not down for 16 more years. Neither are my friends.

Thoughts of the past 400 years will not suffer from the seven half-lives others pray for.

Therefore, our resolve remains unwavered.

There will be justice for Breonna Taylor.

Justice for George Floyd.

And there will be justice November 3.

But, we’re not naive.

We count our victories and setbacks, while knowing there are more fights ahead.

We remain present since we see the fast-in-slow-motion drift of this melting glacier, while TV and newspapers gather in the tween deck to see what happens next — like a remix of how they covered a chancellor of old.

Feel loved, because you are. Act powerfully, because you are power. 

Your enemy — yes, your enemy — knows your power, but you still have doubts while they use gunpowder and gavels to take it from you.

They won’t.

They can’t.

My heart is heavy for Breonna, but I can’t imagine what her family is going through.

My heart aches for Black women, and how this society doesn’t encourage  feelings of safety and liberty — even in the bedrooms of homes, and with the watchful eyes of armed loved ones led away in handcuffs, only to learn again that All Walls Matter.

But tonight, I feel more powerful than ever.

Talk to your friends and loved ones. Help them feel their power …

song currently stuck in my head: “dem say ah” – dj center

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