Difference between Red MAGA and the fractured Rainbow Left

mike gee, trump supporter in lititz, pennsylvania during president donald trump and vice president joe biden debate.

MAGA Nation seems to never have a problem with unity …

The bearded man in the image above calls himself “Mike Gee” from Brooklyn, New York. His red New York for Trump baseball cap lets you know what he’s about. This photo was taken last night as he watched the streamed presidential debate from a Trump rally in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

The gentleman next to Mike — who appears to exhibit a permanent state of enamored astonishment by whatever Mike does — is unknown to me and not relevant for this story.

When asked about the New York Times report concerning Trump’s tax drama, Mike expressed no worries.

“He’s got a great accountant and I would love to know who that accountant is”

“Mike Gee”, a Trump supporter, Sep 30, 2020, HuffPost

The Times article is a long one, but Mike would find a few other takeaways if he read the piece in its entirety. 

A not-so-trivial point in time will arrive where — assuming the Times report is accurate — Trump’s tax and business worlds will aggressively converge. Trump’s businesses are not generating enough cash to cover $420 million in upcoming loan obligations. Plus, the ongoing government tax audit may find that Trump’s claimed credit from failing business operations was improper. This means Trump, at minimum, will have to pay back more than $72.9 million, when you include interest. And his businesses have less than $35 million in cash on hand. As a private citizen, prison time is a real possibility, not to mention bankruptcy.

But even Mike Gee’s interpretation of Trump’s troubles is not relevant to this story.

Mike and his MAGA friends are locked-in for November. No matter what the media says about Trump. No matter what other truths may be shared between now and November 3. Trump can yell “Niggas!” over a bullhorn on the White House lawn, force Housing Secretary Ben Carson at gunpoint to do a minstrel dance, and invite the Washington Post editors over to watch while the cookies and lemonade flow between each dance number.

Carson may not offer much resistance either, Roscoe or no …

MAGA’nem is locked-in.

Meanwhile, the Rainbow Left is doing the usual things: fight over the organization of stripes in the face of the biggest public cheerleader for White supremacist groups in over five decades.

Most active Black voters I know of backed Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential run because they wanted a candidate that was acceptable to the larger body of White voters who may consider voting for him. Numbers can have that kind of influence at times.

In other words, active Black voters locked-in and supported a less-than ideal candidate.

But I still see members of the White Left who talk about not voting at all, or at least not supporting Biden.

The Black folks who’ve remained on the sidelines since 2016 remain a question mark.

Members of the Bernie-or-Bust Left seem resigned to busting.

And the Off-the-Radar Left is looking forward to casting their vote for the Communist Party this November, or something like that. And this assumes they have an interest in voting at all.

Biden was nowhere near my list of choices for President. I knew too much about his history to make him my dude. Senator Bernie Sanders was my choice.

But I don’t want to go through four more years of any deadly pandemic with Trump in office. He’s spectacularly failed to manage COVID-19.

Plus, a President who seems to romanticize the power of dictators and declares teaching government employees and contractors about racism a racist act doesn’t possess any mix of loving thoughts. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to ban Black Lives Matter protests — especially since those protests never appear to give him high praise.

I vividly remember the we-will-survive-racist-trump piece I wrote in 2016. 

I clearly wasn’t thinking about pandemics when I wrote that. My head was more wrapped around White supremacist militias, attempted neighborhood invasions, environmental racism …

But we will survive Trump, regardless of election outcome.

But like I said before, Biden will do less harm than Trump will. And less harm is what I need for my friends and beloved communities right now.

Therefore, I’m locked in for Biden.

Hell, even Angela Davis is locked-in for Biden!

Get your colors sorted, Rainbow Left. Be like MAGA Mike Gee. Time to lock-in …

song currently stuck in my head: “adrenaline” – indigo jam unit

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