Scientific American — a magazine that endorses no one — endorsed Joe Biden for President

planet earth

I hope every media outlet is paying attention to this …

Earth is traveling through 2020 with smaller mountain ice caps, warmer oceans, a torrid letter run on hurricane names, an American coastline’s slow and inevitable submersion into the Atlantic Ocean, forest infernos that can’t be subdued by dwindling rains, and President Donald Trump picks the last item of this list of climate change symptoms to provide a two-word diagnosis and solution: “forest management.”

The fact that Trump either exhibits willfulness or ignorance — or perhaps willful ignorance — in the way he refuses to synthesize multiple data points to analyze any problem presents a post-enlightenment counterculture to everything reason and science fundamentally stands for.

In other words, American society is going backwards in time, where curiosity is never a thought and problem-solving through innovation is a damn-near cuss word. Egypt would trade in pyramids for flat rocks, if Trump was a Pharaoh back then. Timbuktu would be a place to sip corn liquor, but definitely not a learning center. There would be no European Renaissance.

And with all this fanatical fundamentalism, plus no science, people die.

Add willful racism to the mix and the deaths can become creatively brutal.

I can see why Scientific American broke its 175-year tradition of not endorsing Presidential candidates to big-up former Vice President Joe Biden in this November’s election for the Big Chair.

The magazine did more than endorse Biden — it specifically called out Trump for ignoring life-changing scientific methods that could have prevented many of the 200,000 American deaths from the coronavirus pandemic, as well as slow down the environmental destruction of this planet.

The Scientific American endorsement is astounding, but I think the move reveals even bigger news: it’s time for all media to jump from the balance beam of objectivity to stop another four years of anti-intellectualism.

After all, it’s their planet too …

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