Hillary Clinton latest Wikileaks

Peeps, I understand where you’re coming from. Like you, I cringe at the thought of Donald Trump becoming the next US President.

I’m also not a fan of electing Hillary Clinton because I can envision a fresh round of war-ravaged bodies spread across several countries during the next four years.

I still intend to vote — with no public endorsements — but will continue to highlight the problems I see with each candidate. My focus tonight is Clinton and her email drama, brought to you in part by Wikileaks, that appears too large to be called “leaks” anymore.

Hillary-n-’em tried to ignore Wikileaks putting the Presidential candidate’s dirty business on the street until the email contents became too damning for the campaign team to feign cluelessness.

The Clinton crew then wrote off Wikileaks’ head Julian Assange as a sex offender until that media ploy no longer worked.

The next trick — “We were hacked by the Russians!” — was then proceeded by telling an assembled group of reporters what news outside these emails should be covered.

(Laughing) And now, someone has cut off Assange’s Internet access — surely not an attempt to silence his electronic voice!

So, what is there to learn from these emails?

For starters, Clinton is fully aware that Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been funding Islamic State (ISIL or ISIS) terror operations.

A well-known political writer expressed concern to Clinton insider John Podesta about how Clinton frequently says things while on the campaign trail that aren’t true.

A campaign speechwriter deliberately peppered a Clinton speech to Deutsche Bank with anti-Wall Street rhetoric as a way to defend against future claims that she’s a bank booster.

During a speech, Clinton supported a trade framework that looks just like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a proposed trade deal she claims to hate.

Huma Abedin, one of Clinton’s closest advisors, discussed a campaign strategy of taking no press questions until Labor Day. Abedin made the suggestion in May of this year. The reason: because Clinton keeps “Stepping on her own message” in public. Podesta pushed back and called the idea “Suicidal.” This may explain why Clinton was stingy with pressers.

Podesta’s January acknowledgement that Clinton’s messaging is out of touch with the lives of everyday Americans.

As Secretary of State in 2011, Clinton pushed to carry out a regime change operation in Syria after receiving this email from personal advisor Sydney Blumenthal. The gist: overthrow Syrian government by first overthrowing Gaddafi in Libya.

And of course there are the email disclosures that point to how the Clinton State Department and the Clinton Foundation act as the same entity. And those Wall Street speech excerpts.

More email releases are coming, according to Wikileaks. I expect the next round of leaks to be blockbusters, given where we are in the election cycle and the sudden Internet outage …

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