us begins to bomb isis oil trucks

Nothing’s changed – I still believe Team Obama is full of sugar – honey – iced tea when they talk about their desire to destroy Islamic State (ISIL or ISIS).

I won’t write a lengthy recap of how the US dragged its feet to bring any meaningful damage to this terror group turned rogue state. The link I just provided will help you dig what I’m about to cover in this post: Team Obama’s apparent lack of willingness to hurt ISIL in an area that would help to shut down this caliphate: destroying the group’s oil production operations.

Imagine for a moment that two hoodlums took over parts of your neighborhood to cause a massive crime wave — both of them have created equal amounts of chaos.

Hoodlum #1 needs one dollar per day to terrorize your community.

Hoodlum #2 needs $10,000 a day to create the same amount of crime.

Both hoodlums REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need money to carry out their bad deeds.

Should you only worry about shutting down Hoodlum #2’s cash flow since because Hoodlum #1’s loot used to commit crimes is relatively insignificant??


You’re no idiot. You would shut down both.

If your neurons are really firing, you may reason that Hoodlum #1 is more dangerous than his more extravagant counterpart since the former can inflict more damage per penny spent. Imagine what would happen if the first hoodlum’s income grew …

This is why I think Team Obama’s full of crap.

According to the White House, the US took more than a year to start bombing ISIL’s oil trucks because they underestimated the amount of money ISIL has made from hijacked oil fields.


Let’s put this into pathetic perspective — Team Obama gave ISIL’s oil infrastructure a break from bombing since the former thought that the rogue state made only $100 million a year from oil, only to later realize that ISIL pulled in $500 million.

While I’m no heralded intelligence analyst, I wrote more than a year ago that Team Obama needs to cut off ISIL’s oil money.

But year-old viewpoints of the Common Brother aside, let’s assume Team Obama’s $100 million per year estimate is on point.

Can you imagine how many car bombs ISIL could buy with $100 million a year?

With only $100 million a year, ISIL has been able to snatch enough land in Iraq and Syria to fit all of Great Britain in it.

$100 million a year has enabled ISIL to bring back old school mass executions like crucifixions and stonings.

$100 million a year has helped ISIL to inspire acts of terror across the globe.

And Team Obama decided against dropping bombs on ISIL’s oil business because they felt a terror group that earns only $100 million a year but invades cities and stands on the verge of rewriting Middle East history isn’t exactly ballin’ … ?


Do you still think this administration has been serious about eliminating ISIL?

I previously wrote about how it took Russia to publicly shame Team Obama into bombing ISIL oil trucks.

But guess what strange thing the US did before dropping those bombs?

They dropped leaflets in the targeted area warning innocent civilian drivers to leave.

(Laughing) Because the US military can be humanitarian like that …

Come on, the US killed close to a million people in Iraq. Do you think Iraq’s Sadam Hussein-era army had 1 million people in it? Most of those deaths involved civilians.

And let’s not forget the US drone attacks across the Middle East. Did the US give Momina Bibi, a grandmother from Pakistan a heads-up before blowing her apart with missiles while she picked okra for her family’s meal?


Bibi’s granddaughters who were 13 and 9 years old at the time, watched the killing. There was no terrorist in sight.

The Intercept’s Drone Papers detail plenty of other Middle East civilians who didn’t get a heads-up and weren’t even within the vicinity of terrorists before being killed by Hellfire missiles.

Now that we’ve established how little the US has cared about innocent lives when dropping bombs across the Middle East, Let’s call the oil truck leaflet drop in Syria by its proper title — a heads-up to ISIL, inadvertently or otherwise …


Want more proof about Team Obama playing games? Read this story about how Turkey, a NATO ally, is acting like a portal for jihadists to fight the Syrian government. Turkey is also bombing forces on the ground who have been effective in neutralizing ISIL. Take a guess how little the US has done to stop this madness …

Obama’s game is clear — give these extremists enough geographic, commericial and military breathing room to overthrow Syria President Bashar al-Assad and to destabilize Iran.

This strategy is equally irresponsible and deadly on both a regional and global level. Simply look at the civilian deaths across Syria and Iraq for the most immediate proof.

You now have an additional reason for why that leaflet drop is ridiculous.

It’s becoming clear that the US has lost control of the monster it helped to create, and this caliphate of terror now has the potential to reach the front porches of Westerners …

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