Black Lives Matter protester Mercutio Southall Jr beaten by White mob at Birmingham, AL Donald Trump campaign rally

African descendant Mercutio Southall  Jr. proved that he owns a set of balls the size of Birmingham, Alabama’s Wells Fargo Tower when he rolled up to a Donald Trump for President rally in the same city a couple of days ago and chanted “Black Lives Matter.”

Southall demonstrated something else more important:All Lives Matter” is not a movement. It’s reactionary BS.

Of course Southall was handed a beatdown by angry White Trump supporters that day. These things tend to happen when Trump’s aura enters a space. Southall told that he was also called a “n****r and a “monkey.”

I didn’t hear those slurs hurled at Southall in the CNN footage posted to YouTube, but the scene was no less ironically surreal: A mob of White people responding to a Black protester who chanted “Black Lives Matter” by punching and stomping that Black life while chanting “All Lives Matter.”

Trump didn’t think much to protect that Black life at his rally — he sic’d the crowd on the protester.


Trump went further: he supported the assault during an appearance on Fox and Friends.

If Trump the candidate endorses violent responses to “Black Lives Matter” stimuli, should we expect President Trump to authorize official progroms against people of color?

In a literal sense, who in their morally correct mind can disagree with “All Lives Matter” as a societal principle?

But it’s becoming clear that “All Lives Matter” is a something else: a defensive mechanism for many to hide their racial hatred — or to protect their love for the currently lopsided social order.

And Southall’s beating stands as proof.

Watch the video of the violent confrontation below this post, captured by CNN’s Jeremy Diamond …

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