president obama says isil strategy is working

About a year and two months ago, President Barack Obama changed his mind about how to address the growing Islamic State (ISIL) threat in the Middle East.

His initial approach to ISIL — according to him was a strategy of containment.

By September 2014, Obama changed the objective to “Degrade and Destroy” ISIL

So you can imagine the amount of head-scratching I did when the President appeared on ABC News to say his strategy is working — ISIL has been contained:


From the start, our goal has been first to contain — and we have contained them … What we have not been able to do is to completely decapitate their command and control structures.

On the President’s last point, no kidding.

The President’s prior point is almost amusing since he must assume that Google no longer exists.

Since Obama’s “Degrade and destroy” mission but before Russia President Vladimir Putin had enough of Obama’s BS and started dropping bombs, ISIL was increasing its footprint in Iraq and Syria. The group also began to make moves into Afghanistan.

Plus, ISIL expanded its global attacks by over 40 percent.

And for the most clueless of observers, the attacks in Beirut and Paris last week offered the largest chunk of visual evidence that the ISIL containment strategy is either a lie or a mess.

I observed over a year ago that destroying ISIL requires disrupting its oil trade. The fact that Team Obama did next to nothing in this area since its stated “Degrade and Destroy” mission told me how the administration was not even the least bit serious about stopping ISIL. It took Putin calling out Team Obama and others for more BS before the US started bombing ISIL oil trucks.

Obama’s “Degrade and Destroy” strategy is more like “Drag Your Feet and Delay Some More” in the name of regime change in Syria …

song  currently stuck in my head: “loveless love” – wc handy





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