Aural Dive: Dreamscape 2023; “No Words”

dreamscape 2023, no words album, "trk 5"

Do some vinyl digging to explore the early days of Chicago House. You’ll find many synth-forward tracks with Euro Disco on the edges.

This is the flavor I picked up after today’s listen to Dreamscape — an artist active during the 90s — who is back with “No Words” from a forthcoming album.

Given the number of modern-day, anemic explorations into past decades of dance music that I’ve heard from so-called EDM artists, “No Words” can serve as retro design inspiration. The track features a build from classic dance keyboard phrasing, followed by a wicked bassline that remains for the track’s length. Additional keyboard tracks are layered to accent the 4/4 beat while adding the asymmetrical secret sauce that keeps the rhythm interesting.

I’m up for hearing more. There are no additional album release details — save for the 21 tracks that I anticipate the set to feature — but I embedded “No Words” below. Stay tuned …

Corrections(!) The new track is titled “No Words”, and I revised the post accordingly. The artist informed me that the single is available on Bandcamp.

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