Aural Dive: “Lebron Jordan” by Division X

rap group division x's war drum symphony album

“I keep ten steps away from whatever the radio is doing,” says Division X lyricist North. The group’s latest single release, “Lebron Jordan” from their War Drum Symphony album, delivers on that declaration. Hard beats, scratching(?), matching but clearly understood lyrics, and a dose of metaphors are hard to find in today’s commercial rap music — even if your radio is hooked to satellites.

On the subject of metaphors, the track’s title strikes me as a poetic rendering of two powerful forces in the world of sports and entertainment, synergistically packaged into a fearless rap ensemble from The Bronx. The pre-Rakim lyrical flow helps to reinforce their aesthetic vision while making you feel that you’re present in 2022.

Based on the group’s discography and the track I’m listening to now, Division X undoubtedly feels comfortable with their physical and creative home. Mumblers and pop chasers should take a detour.

I have the War Drum Symphony album and plan to hear it soon. Both the album and “Lebron Jordan” single are available on Division X’s Bandcamp page.

3 thoughts on “Aural Dive: “Lebron Jordan” by Division X

  1. Peace & salute to Division X! The hard knock rockers from the Bronx!!! Next level rap music group, on speaker & also performing live!!!

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