2 charts that completely shut down Trump’s excuses for why he didn’t protect Americans from the so-called ‘China virus’ attack

Americans can learn an important lesson from Asian history …

I was all kinds of DOUBLE-U-TEE-AITCH when President Donald Trump was able to skate past the COVID-19 portion of Tuesday night’s Presidential debate without Former Vice President Joe Biden completely smashing Trump’s B.S.

With 210,000 dead Americans from coronavirus, Trump feels he’s still permitted to blame China for hiding the virus from the rest of the world, leaving everyone — including the United States — defenseless:

We hold China fully responsible for concealing the virus and unleashing it upon the world.”

US Department of State on Facebook; July 24, 2020
US State Department posted the following statement from President Donald Trump regarding cornavirus: “We hold China fully responsible for concealing the virus and unleashing it upon the world.” The photo was initially shared on the State Department's Facebook page on July 24, 2020
US Department of State on Facebook; July 24, 2020

Here’s Trump again, just over a week ago:

“The Chinese government and the World Health Organization — which is virtually controlled by China — falsely declared that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission.”

Bull. Sheet.

Accepting Trump’s premise means you must believe China held a deadly secret about coronavirus from its closest neighbors, leaving them flat-footed and without a strategy to protect their citizens from the so-called “China virus”.

I’m talking about Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Myanmar, Singapore …

You would also have to accept that the countries near China would either subsequently suffer from relatively high death rates from COVID’s sneak attack — because, like, China lied — or still suffer from high death rates because their public safety protocols are no match for the virus’ strength.

But they haven’t, and they don’t. These two charts I sourced from Johns Hopkins University’s data prove are proof.

America — compared with the Asian countries within close proximity of China — has such a high death and case rate that the bar charts I created look clownish. But I posted them anyway because … effect.

Those big bars at the bottom of each chart belong to the United States.

I also pulled together a couple of color-coded maps to show how ridiculous the differences are.

You’ll quickly notice that the Asian countries have different death rates, but their corresponding colors on the map are nearly the same.

The explanation is simple: Their death rates are so low and similar to each other while America blows the meters at over 640 deaths per million.

Some of the countries close to China experienced no deaths at all.

Even China — the home of the “concealed” virus — has a crazy-low death rate when compared to the United States.

“Oh, but China’s a big country,” Trump an’em might say.

Even if we accept that nonsense, I challenge them to do do a separate exercise and analyze the deaths in China’s Wuhan province, ground-zero for this pandemic.

You’ll come up with 3,869 deaths in Wuhan, or about 349.2 deaths per million, as of September 29.

Every country around this virus’ Asian epicenter managed to keep their COVID death rates lower than the United States has.

Trump could also say: “You can’t trust China’s numbers” from his COVID hospital bed.

But is Laos lying to us? Thailand? Japan? South Korea? Several of these Asian countries don’t have close relationships with China, leaving them with no practical incentive to lie for their People’s Republic neighbor.

The US has a high death rate for one or two reasons: President Trump’s management malpractice, or his incompetence.

I think the answer is a mix of both reasons.

Let’s compare the US coronavirus infection rate to China and its neighbors to see an equally ridiculous map:

It’s quite clear that the countries near the epicenter of the virus have done a better job of preventing infections while revolting Americans are literally bringing AR-15s to a virus war.

Needless to say that assault weapons will not halt COVID-19 infection, but I will make the mention anyway to highlight how stupid the armed response is.

Unless brandishing guns are meant for another objective. But that’s another post for different day.

We now have an important overlay for this discussion: Trump’s full knowledge of COVID-19’s airborne dangers, but keeping that critical information from the public, while he exclaimed for the “Liberation” of Michigan, Virginia and Minnesota through his Twitter account in support of those states’ citizens protesting the imposed preventative shutdowns.

To give you a sense of how irrational — or desperate — Trump is, the US Constitution’s 2nd Amendment was referenced in his Virginia tweet, and there was never a time during this pandemic when gun rights were threatened by anyone.

He’s trash.

This virus may have originated east of America but the country’s high death toll came from a series of self-inflicted wounds that continue to repeat their cycles.

And that’s what makes this story even more bonkers. Trump’s malpractice means we will see more deaths.

Knowing since the beginning of the year that coronavirus can be passed between humans through the air, Trump advocated for opening up cities from defensive lockdown mode before many of them even saw the first wave of the disease.

And he never encouraged gun-toting Americans to wear masks and avoid large gatherings.

If this happened during the Obama years, we would not only see the first impeachment trial during a pandemic, but we would also witness the first President of the United States to literally get his azz kicked on streaming video.

I’m sure that Obama would even catch a Nuremberg case.

And yet, Biden is barely ahead of Trump in national polls, despite the fact that the Obama administration has done an imperfect-but-better job of managing the Ebola, Swine Flu and Zika outbreaks.

There were three pandemics under Obama and Biden, and they contained the death toll to about six percent of the body count that Trump managed in just one outbreak.

Asian society has existed centuries before America’s birth, giving Asian countries a long look at several political systems and social models. One common thread that seems to exist among these countries is that any national success can be attributed to citizens working together, and under the strong encouragement of national leadership.

(Laughing) “Working together”. And many of these countries aren’t even socialist!

Give that some thought the next time a virus comes knocking at the door and your semi-automatic rifle wants to answer for you.

To heighten the contradiction — especially given what we know about Trump’s early awareness of how dangerous coronavirus is, and his apparent beef with China — I embedded a few of the President’s more famous tweets at the end of this piece where he praised the awesomeness of the People’s Republic.

He’s so screwed up that even his contradictions have contradictions, which have contradictions …

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image of trump and large coronavirus

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