‘You ain’t Black’ Part 3: how Biden can fix the mess he’s made

Joe can lose the arrogance, for starters …

It’s time for the Presidential hopeful to share and discuss his platform on race — and understand his place in the eyes of the Black electorate. Plus, a rare endorsement from this blog.

About four years ago, but without a public endorsement, I categorized the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Presidential race as a question of where you want to count the dead bodies — within the US, or in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Trump has proven to be every bit of the domestic death option.

I never made endorsements on this blog, but at this point, I would endorse Joe Biden for President.

To be honest, Biden never made the top of my list of candidates to support — he never made any list of mine at all.

I’m not the only one with that point of view, based on the low level of voter enthusiasm around him.

I would endorse Biden because I don’t want President Donald Trump and his team around to deal with the next pandemic. Or any other crisis. He’ll get us killed.

Biden will do less harm.

Still keeping it real — Biden is enjoying President Obama’s halo. Yes, I said it.

Biden crashed so hard and early during the 2008 campaign that some of us forgot that he actually tried to be President back then. Had he not served as Obama’s Vice President, I seriously doubt he would be a contender for President today. This is why I was a bit tickled to see Biden’s fire-from-the-hip arrogance during yesterday’s appearance on The Breakfast Club show with Charlamagne the God.

Still, Biden is not Trump.

There are some international concerns I have about Biden, but we’ll need to deal with them on the picket lines and in legislative offices. More on that some other time.

Whatever bad vibes the current President gives you will become even more toxic, more dangerous, and more global if he receives four more years in office. Mind you, I didn’t say this four years ago.

Vice President Biden should not abuse this endorsement, or the endorsements of other Black community members. Acts of complacent idiocy like what we witnessed from him yesterday will only jeopardize his standing in November.

If Biden wants to win in November, he needs to commit to an equity agenda that respects the needs of the poor and communities of color, and then return to the mic with thoughtful discussions about that agenda. The Breakfast ShClub ow would be a good start.

And he needs to have this discussion immediately. Otherwise, I’m afraid the communities who can help him win will stay home …

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